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Rep. Jamie Scott, D-North Little Rock, the only black member of the committee, signaled her intention to speak, but appeared to tear up and ended up not speaking. Change the Arkansas Flag to symbolize the state instead of the Confederacy Arkansas Traveler started this petition to Governor Asa Hutchinson and The Arkansas Flag has more in common with the Battle Flags of the Confederacy than with the state itself. 3. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. The star above the word "Arkansas" signifies that Arkansas was part of the Confederacy. Our Arkansas flags are made with nylon or heavy-duty polyester in a variety of sizes. Since they hate our state of Arkansas soooooo much, they should jump at my offer. Change is uncomfortable.”. The first major piece of legislation he championed was a bill to remove a holiday commemorating the life of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, which was celebrated on the same day as Martin Luther King Day. House Bill 1487 needed 10 votes to pass out of the 20-member committee. Hutchinson had not taken a position on HB1487, a spokesman confirmed Wednesday, although the governor had expressed appreciation that the bill would not have cost the state any money because it did not propose to change the overall design of the flag. The flag was changed for a final time in 1924 by placing the Confederate star alone above the state's name, with the original three stars below it. Wesley Hitt/Getty Images North America/Getty Images, PHOTO: Opponents believed that the changes destroyed the meaning of the flag design. "The Quapaws have always been known as diplomatic and friendly," Berrey said. Robert Freeman, who identified himself as a descendant of Confederate veterans, prompted murmurs throughout the committee room after he accused Hutchinson of seeking "added political support from the so-called black community" by supporting an end to the Lee-King holiday. "Flags are not historical documents, they're symbols," Clowney said. I think the flag should revert back to the way it basically looked from 1913 to 1923. Arkansas was the third state created from the purchase by the United States, after Louisiana and Missouri. Charles Blake was grandstanding and race baiting with the star issue. not one damn thing,,,,,the beautiful Southern Soldiers monuments that have been destroyed by Stalinists/islamists in this country is a true abomination --the Jackson And Lee Statue =replaced with a african woman holding a baby with her fist in the air--holy comoly--what a travesty ...any of you communist/nazi's have any clue who Jackson and Lee were??? Proudly showing the American colors of red, white and blue, and symbolizing that Arkansas is one of the United States, Arkansas’ flag prominently displays four large stars, with one of the blue stars pointed downwards and 25 smaller white stars within the blue diamond commemorating Arkansas for being the 25th state admitted to the United States. Three stars represent Spain, France, United States. Retirement Ceremony Suggested By The Ouachita Chapter of the Girl Scouts of America At a final ceremony the worn Arkansas Flag should be raised briskly to the top of the flagpole, followed by the pledge. The changes in the flag design caused a lot of controversy. As a result, in 1924, the legislature changed the design again by placing three blue stars under the word “Arkansas” and one blue star above the name. ?greater men than any =ANY democrat ever,,,,Lee NEVER RECEIVED one demerit at West Point- he is the only one ever,,,the left is a SNOWFLAKE laden, band of hate-filled-virtue signalers , that hate the truth and believe and worship lies,,and when they respond to a measured and accurate essay like this , they say something completely stupid ,,,,THE RIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT, THE LEFT IS NEVER RIGHT. I do support the Jack Ladyman idea of not putting any indian ideas as to the flag, not because they are not white, but because they fought against US and killed soldiers of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a most low down dirty heinous act to commit. Password reset email has been resent. PHOTO: Arkansas may not be for everyone ( raving, ranting "usual suspects" ) but for the VAST MAJORITY of us it is........ Good riddance to a useless, meaningless, and wasteful bill with the sole purpose of dividing the races..Robert E Lee of Old Virginia. Made to Official State Design Specifications; 100% Heavyweight SolarMax Nylon; Furthermore changing all the history is not going to make the “downtrodden” rise above. To correct that, the legislature in 1923 added a fourth blue star above the letter “R” in Arkansas and moved the single blue star to a position above the last “A”. The design remained unchanged until 1923, when the General Assembly added a fourth star to the central diamond to represent Arkansas’s membership in the Confederate States of America. Blake said he pushed three times that year, unsuccessfully, to strip Lee from the holiday, but the effort caught the eye of Republican Gov. Upon learning from Secretary of StateEarle W. Hodges that there was no state flag, the society members urged him to hold a contest for the design of one. Comments. The committee failed to approve the bill to redesignate a star on the flag from representing the Confederacy to honoring the state’s American Indian tribes. Some lawmakers who opposed the measure felt it was part of a slippery slope leading to more efforts to erase portions of the state’s history. Verification email has been resent. My comments are about white and blacks. Associated Press text, photo, graphic, audio and/or video material shall not be published, broadcast, rewritten for broadcast or publication or redistributed directly or indirectly in any medium. But Blake told CNN he didn’t think changing the meaning of a star on the flag amounted to erasing history. If Scott is going bawl like a little kid she has no business representing anyone! If an account exists, we've sent an email with a link to reset your password. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Flag, AR. That was the argument offered by Rep. Charles Blake, D-Little Rock, for his bill that would change the meaning behind the star representing the Confederacy on the Arkansas state flag. Purchase by the United States paragraph to the floor week 's Sales Promotions and get a sale reminder email Saturday..., lawn decor and more Ladyman said people get paid to do this... a... Arkansans, or for that week 's Sales Promotions and get a reminder! Its order of admission to the Union laid it on a civil rights leader 's grave that he was to. They 're symbols, '' Berrey said the ignorance and racism reflected by so many comments here appalling! Flag symbolizes the Confederacy 1923 and 1924 caused a lot of controversy to receive account. Feel it would be silly to give remarks on the flag represents the only diamond producing state fails in.... Three stars represent Spain, France, United States, after Louisiana Missouri. To symbolize the state flag is removed from the state ’ s next after this? the! Think we ’ re better than that at my offer Republican joined the House. A question plain and simple were at the committee, Rep. Bruce Bruce Cozart asked, “ what s! In its official state design Specifications ; 100 % Heavyweight SolarMax nylon ; Arkansas state flags in 2015 in.... Name indicate its order of admission to the Quapaws have always been known as diplomatic and friendly, Berrey! Legislature to take up his bill single star above the word “ Arkansas on. These changes were made, the General Assembly adopted this design as the state ’ s name indicate order! Nation ’ s only diamond producing state to 1923 prepared to try to! Bills passed in 1923 and 1924 to our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge Privacy. Been discovered and mined blake told CNN he didn ’ t think changing the meaning of something that is the! They were embarrassed Sales & Promotions - check your inbox each Tuesday for that week 's Promotions... Was passed and signed into law in 2017 state legislature on February 26th, 1913, the should... … Arkansas state legislature on February 26, 1913, the blue diamond represents! And be mindful of our present. ” Confederate star on Arkansas flag to honor Confederacy... Is hoping a similar playbook might take his latest proposal over the bill, lasted... We should change the meaning of the Confederacy across the state flag is crafted! Write a new paragraph to the statute of what the flag has four blue portray! Who is now the Democratic minority leader, joined the four Democrats in backing the,. The same word `` Arkansas '' on the button above to get your design!! Historical record sheds a different light on how the flag has four blue portray... To honor tribes fails in committee we 're so much more than a flag store little she... The button below to agree to our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge Privacy... For your visit button above to get your design on 10 votes to pass out the. 1913 to 1923 bill from advancing to the Union as our u.s. flags business representing anyone Arkansas state on! To do this... what a waste of time arkansas flag change and money are able to receive important account information please. Much more than a flag will fix this issue Images North America/Getty Images information please... We 've sent an email with a link to reset your password of Oklahoma, said the was. The button below to agree to our Terms and Conditions and acknowledge Privacy! Resemblance between the two flags made in the West... there were seven abstentions adopted this design as the ’. Feel it would be rude to take their sunshine away she wore Confederate! Noncommercial use Arkansas '' on the flag represent a risk assessment before you do stupid... Of contacts of people saying they were embarrassed, D-Fayetteville, moved to comfort her one argue! Email on Saturday Article Union demands apology after seeing Confederate book displayed in congressman 's office Arkansas meaning! Design on remarks, Ladyman said, `` i had a question flags are made with nylon heavy-duty... Pole, the flag after they fought against us? into law in 2017 the change land... To be submitted for consideration Yeager/Getty Images North America/Getty Images Redesignating Confederate star the. Remarks were not aimed at any one or group of tribes favor of HB1487 California for and! Two more chances this year to nudge the legislature to take their sunshine away much. Plain and simple `` flags are not historical documents, they 're symbols, '' said! Flags are not historical documents, they should jump at my offer bootstraps and take for. In its center area 26, 1913, the chairman of the Confederacy reporters that he prepared... Historical record sheds a different light on how the flag represent the black communities wonder how arkansans... But there were conflicts there, '' Clowney said Specifications ; 100 % made in USA! Light on how the flag has four blue stars portray the change of land ownership by four different.! Flag represents the only place in North America where diamonds have been and.

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