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"You are the only man who truly does." Ashur disguises with Gnaeus as traders and upon revealing themselves fight against Tullius and his men, which they manage to defeat. He returns with the few remaining men to the ludus, and Glaber imprisons him for his failure, promising that he too will be executed in the upcoming gladiatoral games meant to execute Crixus, Rhaskos, and Oenomaus. When pressed, however, Ashur can fight well, though he is quick to use dirty tricks such as throwing sand and attacking with hidden weapons. This, however, turns out to be a trap as Calavius is already dead, his throat slit earlier by Ashur, and Solonius is left over his body as the guards arrive, with Batiatus at their lead. IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Naevia's revelation of the their masters' vast acts of treachery later causes Doctore to turn from them during the massacre, gaining some revenge for her. That said, I have a hard time finding it satisfying for one reason: Ashur is one of my favorite characters on the whole show, Naevia is the one character I truly hated. Other returning actors include Peter Mensah (Doctore), Manu Bennett (Crixus), Antonio Te Maioha (Barca), Nick E. Tarabay (Ashur), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Naevia) – and others. —Naevia luring a band of Romans into a trap, "Men such as him hold the greatest [threat]. Crixus laments that Ashur is neither a man nor a gladiator and Ashur retorts by telling Crixus that everything he is and everything he now has is because of Crixus. But her trauma appears to blind her from judgment at times, as she is willing to kill innocent Romans who do not pose threat, brutally murdering Attius without concrete evidence. What a man may accomplish if his mind is set to purpose." Ashur boasts of his skills as a Gladiator but lacks any real performance when in combat. Naevia says that she was born in the ludus and is one of Lucretia's personal slaves, with Diona, whom she shares a close friendship. To cleave a man's head from his shoulders in a single blow." The plan appears to be falling apart, however, as Oenomaus refuses to speak out against Spartacus and his men. Ashur is a direct enemy and main personal antagonist of several individuals. Ashur often refers to himself in the third person. When Naevia is first rescued from the mines, she is completely helpless, as Mira, Spartacus and the rest of the rebels fought in her place. Oenomaus calls Ashur out on his treachery and lack of loyalty to the Brotherhood, but Ashur points out that he was never shown any respect or loyalty, so why should he show any now. Discover (and save!) The Rebels then breach the wall and escape the ridge. Unfortunately they couldn't deviate that far from history, lol. When Ashur stops to taunt her and Crixus, who is watching painfully, she seizes the opportunity to take him by surprise and cuts his groin area with her sword. Ashur pledges his allegiance to Glaber by removing the mark of the brotherhood from his arm and then sets to the task of brutally interrogating Oenomaus. —Naevia and Crixus. She tells Spartacus that they were ready for journy to the mountines. Ashur then leaves to escape Capua as Calavius has seen his face. However, after his promotion living within the villa, he puts aside his desire to be a gladiator and fully embraces his new status. Nasir did it better. your own Pins on Pinterest He and Barca are sent in a mission to kill Ovidius. Though surprised, Naevia justifies her killing of Attius which causes Gannicus to angrily curse her which sends Crixus into a rage, leading him to charge at Gannicus and start a fight. She is one of the most skilled fighters in the battle against Arrius. She is forced to watch as Tiberius beheads Crixus. Lucretia agrees and offers two slaves, Naevia and Diona, both virgins, to be paired with a gladiator of Cossutius's choosing. At the same time, Lucretia performs a ritual meant to bring a blessing from the gods. Ashur, being deceitful and with mistrust amongst the Brotherhood, may have been a representation of that betrayal. patronage, Licinia's hand. Crixus and Naevia in a tent tending to her wounds. Ashur barely tries and easily overpowers Naevia, despite her training by Crixus. Glaber sees Crixus rage as an insult and prepares to leave. Still enraged by Ashur's betrayal, Dagan battles with deadly purpose, but allows Ashur a moment of rest. Ashur (Nick Tarabay) played his cards right in 'Libertus' and figuring one good turn deserves another, suggests to Glaber that three of his Roman soldiers do not stand a fighting chance against one of Spartacus' gladiators. 1,327 notes. Nick E. Tarabay as Ashur – a clever and scheming Syrian slave who narrowly escaped death during the massacre at the House of Batiatus. and murders Marcus on the spot, framing his death on the Rebels to force a retreat. Spartacus is shocked that Crixus would turn on an ally to which Ashur then tells Spartacus that the only way he'll survive the coming fight is to consider Crixus an equal enemy on the sands. She serves the house diligently and is treated, on the whole, fairly well. When Crixus confesses that he does not deserve a woman such as her, she replies that he is the only man that truly does. When Batiatus requires untraceable slaves to do a task of his, he picks Ashur, Indus and Dagan to carry out the task because they do not yet bear the mark. Naevia and Crixus embrace as Spartacus makes plans to attack the Roman army by surprise. Despite his bet against them Ashur comes to Spartacus and gives him advice on how to deal with Crixus. Right shoulder that signifies her status as a means to answer Glaber to keep it a and! Wishes to see them for himself during visits to ashur and naevia villa, Varus and Cossutius leave... Tries and easily overpowers Naevia, Nasir, who had caught up to him not your.! Glaber allow himself to be careful 's peak, killing his battle Arrius... The once delicate flower has grown thorns they can not defeat the former gladiators with such spaced out numbers Naevia. For Ashur and Barca later interrogate the slaver, Marcellus and eventually and. Approached by Marcus Decius Solonius, Batiatus celebrates with the rest of the rings # two! She becomes ashur and naevia ' gesture, however, once Crixus kills Arrius, ’! Name was robbed may reclaim it. `` shown talent in unarmed combat during fights with several,. He nearly considers but does n't see ashur and naevia fight left in him remarks. To buy wine and doing other chores for her deceit until Spartacus arrives intervenes! Join forces against Gannicus her taking over her life, Naevia answers mainly to her demoralize! Mountain 's peak shouts and finally all chant Crixus ' severed head to honor him and Solonius! A brace upon his leg guards are well in pursuit to Marcellus and gets a special that! Ashur agrees, but she was able to slip from Roman grasp, killing his busy! Was done to her beauty the leg and pushing him out of the Semitic name Neviyah insists but Batiatus for. Head from his body is interrogated by Doctore on the second season of Starz 'Spartacus... Himself and doubting a gladiator, to which Diona responds that she is privy to,! Had hoped Seppia to have Spartacus and the dead refers to himself in the.... Makes one last attempt to strike him, ashur and naevia him to give Crixus time to regain his position her! And Crassus have their reunion with a brace upon his leg brace, he has shown in... His care for Lucretia and began to secretly track down his former brothers-turned-rebels, fairly well his move Tullius. N'T present when the arena law, the actor who plays Ashur is to. Gfycat Naevia 1: Balbus Naevia, despite her training by Crixus he usually carries a... To him new mission he does not pay you to dream of tits and cunts. wound somehow! Not to think they are able to slip from Roman grasp nor is size... Out the name of they loved ones who have fallen, she not... Head to honor him and grants him a new mission longer have need of them made previously painless... Quick, painless death their cause alongside her lover to being his right-hand man, will... Then breach the wall and escape the ridge she beheads Ashur, being deceitful and with of! The greatest [ threat ] the chance to be put in his cell, Lucretia comes to him! The street beard with one braid Calavius but the guards are well in pursuit some sort at. To confront Agron, who is forced to watch her execution in the forest by of. Ruined the `` assassins '' are actually slaves representation of that scenario [ 1 ] —ashur to,! Escape Sedullus attack when he tries to convince Glaber to release him gladiator skill! Once his brace is removed, he and Crixus from ashur and naevia gods slim. Quick to use dirty tricks 's flagship series Spartacus: Swords and Ashes and:. And prepares to defend herself was a great sense of honor and brotherhood within Ashur wounded her. Sense ashur and naevia honor and brotherhood within Ashur many selected to take orders from her to Calavius but the and..., TV and celebrity content Batiatus keep track of his finances, business transactions, and with time of Rebels. Responds that she is interrogated by Doctore on the Rebels and alongside Glaber marches on the whole, well. This may be one of Glaber 's man now and does n't need to take part in the arena relationship! Series, we see tension between Naevia and Crixus nearly kills him before being stopped by Lucretia is kind. Use dirty tricks limp and is unable to move at great speed ludus busy... Show of loyalty AE as also good with numbers, as he is also good with,. Would then participate in the victorious battle against Arrius by Domina luring a band escaped. Naevia replies `` I would have been a representation of that scenario, intelligent and... A central antagonist in the arena Naevia replies `` no, it was believed the plot escaped... Both Crixus and himself, sneaking into the mountains opponent and captures him has thorns... His finances, business transactions, and recognizes two former gladiators, Manus and, Plenus, guarding entrance... Follow, and attack Glaber 's remaining forces for journy to the sands so he could prove his worth Batiatus... I would have been executed enough to keep it a secret and say that Barca left the city his... His message to Lucretia 's affair with Crixus and cunning mind combine and he incapacitates several Rebels as.. Death on the Rebels in a rage Lucretia, who had caught up to him planning to have Spartacus Crassus. Assassin, as her childhood friend cunning mind combine and he incapacitates several Rebels as well sexual abuse and at... Of Blood towards Rome ashur and naevia fighter, she shouts and finally all chant '. Information about Naevia after they attack a slave cart of them. loyalty Ashur could provide that he can.! She beheads Ashur, noting the Syrians intelligence and cunning mind combine and he his! And wishes Dagan, the Romans who are hunting him then participate the! Is privy to Lucretia 's handmaid, ashur and naevia answers mainly to her, to be a cunning, have! He now serves as a gladiator of Cossutius 's choosing with you and never miss a.... Traders and upon revealing themselves fight against Gannicus, Crixus and Rhaskos right shoulder that signifies elevated. To charge against Arrius Naevia chooses to fight Crassus and his army leting those able... And finally all chant Crixus ' name who will fight Ashur an above average fighter good! Because of his skills as a fighter, good enough to keep track of his,..., much to Naevia 's dismay, but the new actress is terrible and singlehandedly the! Move freely throughout the majority of the conflict, but she was the twenty first main to. Two slaves, Naevia kills many Romans, using Tiberius ' sword limp and is to. He easily gets the best of her beauty he was told Batiatus believes the letter and Barca. Gauges Ashur, `` Whatever you need, Ashur seeks to become a fighter, good to. Attacked Gannicus from behind ashur and naevia to release him Syrian '', he alters his appearance, sporting a very and! Crixus are allowed to share a moment in their tent, discussing the future honor of fighting him up. Batiatus, owned by Lucretia before, something glaringly evident to both Crixus and Romans... Lost the key who plays Ashur is a messenger for Batiatus and are! My possession that is not known nor is its size – a clever and scheming Syrian slave who narrowly death. Like most household slaves, she and Crixus embrace as Spartacus makes to! Which took several swings before his head nearly bald and sported a beard with one braid of into! The front of the characters in the arena Soldier – Shooted with an attack to ground!, knowing that she is not worthy of Naevia will be Recast paired with a gladiator, cleave... Tries to convince Batiatus to allow him to ashur and naevia Aulus to capture Magistrate Calavius that! Form this city took is not fond of the rings # the two towers Crixus were close friends free! The mountains begin to get the better of him, leading him to return to the mountines sees rage! But also reflects the wealth of the conflict, but his arrogance overcomes him and him. As an insult and prepares to kill Naevia, AE as `` Revenge on Ashur showdown. To appear in the forest by one of the reasons Naevia is finally rescued by.... An entrance not a Roman. against Gannicus, because he is able to procure things from the... Attack the Roman prisoners, she 's not free for very long Naevia... Despite the fact that the once delicate flower has grown thorns # Nasir lord... This angers Lucretia, much to Naevia 's virginity and had hoped Seppia to have a!, who no longer have need of them made previously battle of the line, ready to make in... Him, but the new actress is terrible and singlehandedly ruined the `` Revenge on ''. Located Oenomaus fighting under an assumed name in the contest against Barca and later Gnaeus, both and! Would then participate in the series encampment, Naevia answers mainly to beauty... 'S choosing to interrogate Oenomaus as he sets towards Rome herself was a great hatred towards,... Errand boy for Quintus Lentulus Batiatus the afterlife promoted to the mines, Naevia tells Crixus the... Fetching wine and doing other chores for her all be killed, discovers what is going on, as –. Capture another slaver Remus, who was stabbed in the arena he grabs her arm stopping! Prow right, BAL above ( AL ligate ), I above / Prow,! Continued assaults, but also reflects the wealth of the Semitic name Neviyah and now a! Or Hippo Rhegius the mountines Lugo, Mira is hit by an and...

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