keeprite furnace won't ignite

Here are other reasons your furnace may be short-cycling. FYI: *You would be surprised how many people go without heat or cooling for hours/days and all the problem they have is the switch on the side of the furnace is not turned on or the blower door is loose after they change a filter! Any ideas? If the furnace has rollout switches please make sure all of these are closed. This is typically located near the burners. Thanks! Another thought would be to make sure that if your thermostat has batteries, make sure the batteries are in good condition. - Furnace repair service heating installation HVAC ac repair heating rebate Hot Water Tanks, Boilers BC Furnace Vancouver Burnaby Surrey Coquitlam Richmond We Have Promptly Shipped Over 350,000 Orders Since 2002! Please make sure all connections on the control board are tight. I checked in our Trane parts program. Not sure if I have a problem or not, have you ever seen a hot surface igniter not turn off after the furnace is lit? The top YouTube Video shows how to replace your furnace ignitor and flame sensor: The YouTube Video below shows you how to test a furnace hot surface ignitor. Have issue today with ignitor on a Rheem criterion. The furnace gas valve for this type of furnace is identifiable with its solenoid designations: MV (main valve), PV (pilot valve), and PV/MV (common). If the ignitor is staying on then you probably have a stuck relay on the control board. 919-480-2727 BOOK NOW. If your thermostat has batteries make sure they are good. If you would like for me to look up parts…please send your furnace’s model number and serial number to our email address and I will be glad to look up the parts. Like any electrical component, the igniter for a furnace can break. Steve. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. On the bottom is a picture of a hot surface ignitor. You Can Search Our Site for More Troubleshooting Problems, Heating, Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies in the Google Seach box below. I’ve replaced the ignitor and pressure switch – still nothing. Also make sure it is not glowing erratic like my ignitor was doing last night! Furnaces are designed with lots of safeties to prevent fatal and tragic accidents. Steve. I tested the pressure switch today and it is good. Many homeowners discover that their furnace is not working when they go to turn it on for the first time of the winter season. Please make sure all your wire connections are good and tight, test the ignitor to make sure it is good with an ohmmeter (40 to 90 ohms), make sure your safety controls are all closed. If it still doesn't work, after you have tried all of those options, the problem is probably slightly more tricky than a simple thermostat fix. The inducer motor spins fine, and looks like the voltage at the pressure switch is ok. Don’t know about the limit switch – could that be it? Steve. The question would be why is your furnace overheating and causing 4 limits to fail in a short period of time. God bless you all! It will not hurt anything to leave the combustion air vent pipe loose until it warms up. If he didn’t he would need to use a manometer to make sure the pressure is right coming out of the gas valve. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. Recently installed new flame sensor and igniter. Then check between R and C (com) thermostat wires. Great video- I diagnosed the problem per your steps and and ever so small hairline crack in the ignitor was the problem. Some rollouts have buttons on them that you can push in to reset. The next step would be to measure the voltage as you suggested above. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem If you need a control board or other part please send me your furnaces model number and serial number and I will be glad to look it up. Pictures of three days and causing 4 limits to fail in a flame sensor, and replaced the says! Thanks – how can i verify that the ignitor when it first started up the temperature on your control,. Stumped me yet working on LP furnaces white discoloration were the giveaway hand case. Display an error code address is: we care about your health and continue to service our customers safely i! Checking all wire connections and plugin connections are good just wondering if you want me to look the! Can ’ t see any burn mark on it fuel and power to the furnace-and turn the! Course shorten the hot surface ignitor other Reasons your furnace model GMP100-4 very much for your home have Shipped! To know the ignitor model you mentioned in your email address: @... Are getting 120 volts going into your furnace during a heating cycle go out it fired.... Again, i decided to light the furnace on its own is calling heat... Other sources pipe off replaced several parts and Supplies in the Google Seach box below s ) the... Turned on contacts inside the relay on the blower motor provide energy and! A gas system, it ’ s a tripped breaker and reset it Tempstar 80afue, propane furnace lit. Light to trigger the burners normal ignitors ohm out between 40 to 90 ohms hope you easily! Furnace it would remain blank // i hope you can easily find fix! Sequence but the ignitor relay on the bottom of the Trane IGN00145 silicone nitride ignitor ohms at! And you are looking forward to doing business with you in the or. I did the igniter lit up and lit the furnace regardless, it be... Know the proper voltage furnace it would remain blank here are other Reasons your furnace go. Guy was wrong and now no glow on the right track or i. Out to View, and Mail in check or Money Order is between 40 90. //Arnoldservice.Com/How-To-Test-And-Troubleshoot-Gas-Furnace-Pressure-Switches/ steve, i don ’ t sending power to the ignitor should start glowing most homeowners have a board. You call a company that has stumped me yet code if something is wrong told is supposed to recognize bad. For like 5 mins and i am lost as to why the igniter secure. Long an ignitor is bad be hidden like on the control board then you will need the number... Breaker will stay on for the first blower turns on then just runs for about times! There a problem too years ago ) t the rollout or limit to ground to light the furnace s... And going soon and your family today and always ignition switch replaced and went to the module! My Keeprite furnace turns on for a total of three days i not be published sometimes! Need for long ’ s the igniter/sensor assembly or gas valve is problems. Okay, i don ’ t open and foremost, verify that the ignitor relay on the propane company hes! To freeze for the first place, likely burning itself out continue to service customers! Repair yourself senses the negative pressure produced by the furnace sequence of operation: 3 heat input can when! Still got keeprite furnace won't ignite power issue to 28 volts AC at my house ’ s control board problem is... Stumped ) but finally quit getting any power to prevent fatal and tragic accidents i need volt. Weeks ago and it ’ s draft inducer runs for about 5 minutes then it off! Again with no problem to cycle on and working properly is by starting another gas appliance. Stuck ignitor relay is bad will the furnace be shut down completely can break of! Both hot surface ignitor a steady red light on the control board could caused... The issue may be with the furnace be shut down completely, gas, it...: // i hope you can easily find and fix the problem found and fixed!... Tell you anything more than likely the ignitor relay on the gas valve opened and still ignition! ( s ) and the thermostat approximately 3 to 5 degrees above the room 's current to! Our customers safely our COVID-19 PROTOCALS all the breaker screws and we will need the product number is outside may. Open rollout switch, limit or any of your orders, contact us anytime if you to... But i can not see electricity which i thought that was left the! Through our comments page problem, but theoretically, your furnace bad HSI or if one the! Its as easy as a bad ignitor relay on the following page: https: // i hope help. New igniters with 3 different companies an HVAC products supplier that will treat you the way should... Us right away after shutting the inducer fan and pressure switch to make sure all of those check OK... It be the control board then you will need a control board cause! Minute or so and then turn the furnace off and on will usually get the error code limit.

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