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if you see that, please check the material list. “You wanna join us? It swung open, revealing Saeko whose expression lightened even more. The music lowered down a tone, Nishinoya’s voice now saying, ‘Can she do mine too?’, “Thank you for walking me.” You embraced Ushijima, him not failing to do the same. “I know he’s coming later for the party but still!”. “Long story.” You said. Wait, have you never had a girlfriend or been on dates before?” You stopped your work, smiling at the phone as if Ushijima was actually here. This was my first SMAU and honesty got a lot of love! Some of the people you worked with were taking pictures of it. I loved making it and I hope you all enjoyed it as well! “Have you ever thought about getting married?” You played with Ushijima’s hair, back pressed against the itchy oak. The pictures were taken on Bokuto’s birthday when Akaashi gifted him a Polaroid camera. “And whatever you feel most comfortable with, we can do that too.”, “This is new to me. 176.1cm/223cm - Ennoshita. Missing an opportunity like this one? His stillness gave him thinking time, and replied, Taglist: @kokogxddess @cherryblosom111 @mariachiii @it-me-trash @z-llama @differentballooncollection @solarisjae @simpywara @princessmidas @ohashley101 @anejuuuuoy @toaster-stick @izexftheworld @haikyuufairy @yikerb @ratatostada @irenevyas @just-snog-already @doublekrecs @xsmutbucket @not-today-19 @ushi-please @leinnah @moonlightsof @cutepet09 @vinaios @cloudykarasuno @hartbeat-art @svtbitch @sushijima @kageyamasbabygorl @katherine1920 @animatedrapture @anhphunnnn @kiyoojima @michelepiekenma @a-moon-fairy @moremilkforkags @lollyzen @toobsessedsstuff, Y’all have no idea how hard this was to write Thank you for the 330+ followers as well, Taglist: @kokogxddess @cherryblosom111 @mariachiii @it-me-trash @z-llama @differentballooncollection @solarisjae @simpywara @princessmidas @ohashley101 @anejuuuuoy @toaster-stick @izexftheworld @haikyuufairy @yikerb @ratatostada @irenevyas @just-snog-already @doublekrecs @xsmutbucket @not-today-19 @ushi-please @leinnah @moonlightsof @cutepet09 @vinaios @cloudykarasuno @hartbeat-art @svtbitch @sushijima @kageyamasbabygorl @katherine1920 @animatedrapture @anhphunnnn @kiyoojima @michelepiekenma @a-moon-fairy @moremilkforkags @lollyzen. Is there anything in particular you would like to do?”, “Hm. Weitere Ideen zu haikyuu charaktere, haikyuu, anime. When he does speak, it's blunt and harshly truthful since Ushijima just speaks whatever is on his mind. “You might know him ‘cause he went to Shiratorizawa as well. When the theme song had started, the sleepiness in Ushijima’s eyes left instantaneously and he rose his head from your lap and from behind his arm. The rest of your jog was uneventful but it was nice to get out of the house with him. You’d let Kuroo know you were leaving, thankfully running into him and the others. Though Ushijima is only a fictional character and does not really exist, we'd like to ask the Haikyuu!! Material: Acrylic. I was able to feel his regret and sadness; remembering how he used to have what Iwaizumi is having rn. 17.05.2020 - Erkunde Olives Pinnwand „Ushijima Wakatoshi“ auf Pinterest. It was awkward since it was only the three of you. Birthday: January 1: Age: 18 (he's my age!) summertime: ushijima wants to keep your relationship a secret. Y/n – Wakatoshi is born the 13rd August 1994, in the Miyagi Prefecture at 12:45 pm. “I can. They try and figure out who it is and once they do, all hell breaks loose.❞, Taglist: @kokogxddess @cherryblosom111 @mariachiii @crimsonrose720 @z-llama @differentballooncollection @solarisjae @simpywara @princessmidas @ohashley101 @anejuuuuoy @toaster-stick @izexftheworld @haikyuufairy @yikerb @ratatostada @irenevyas @just-snog-already @doublekrecs @xsmutbucket @not-today-19 @ushi-please @leinnah @moonlightsof @cutepet09 @vinaios @cloudykarasuno @hartbeat-art @svtbitch @sushijima @kageyamasbabygorl @katherine1920 @animatedrapture @anhphunnnn @kiyoojima @michelepiekenma @a-moon-fairy @moremilkforkags @lollyzen, Thank you for the 200+ followers! I’ll text you when I wake up.”. series. “Will you be going to sleep soon also?”. The two Seijoh grads gave a knowing look and gave it to you as well. And a few people who you worked with. “Oh, I get it. Paypal only. “Anywho. High-quality Ushijima Wakatoshi Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. Damn, Ushijima can’t stand here and look awkward once you come in. "It's Sunday right?" W80 x H109 mm. Did you have fun?”, “Yeah. It’s about time you two meet.”. Character: Wakatoshi Ushijima. ‘Say no.’ Thought Ushijima. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Reaching over, you opened your purse that sat on the floor. Iwaizumi and Ushijima set up the tables in the backyard. Since both of you are moody. “I love you too.” Him telling you that at random times was natural. “And you (Y/N)?” At least you were still on the first name basis. “Five matches. The schemers who’d planned everything smirked and grinned, soon returning to their topic with Taichi and Goshiki joining the group too. He exhaled, letting a grunt out as he went to sit up. Iwaizumi wishes that Ushijima could meet you since their friendship had been rising in recent times. Now, he stared at the black screen that reflected his face. #Happy birthday ushijima #牛島若利生誕祭2016 #8月13日は牛島若利の誕生日 #ushijima wakatoshi #ushioi #oikawa tooru #ushijima x oikawa #my art #haikyuu fan art #haikyuu!! See more ideas about ushijima wakatoshi, haikyuu ushijima, shiratorizawa. “It’s seven thirty and I don’t know when I’ll finish my homework.”. And he can’t bail out now. thank you, anything that has * beside it means that there is a written story part to it, Putting aside the fact that my heart is broken, it was such a great idea doing the parallels between the past and the present. You laid back, staring at the bright computer screen and hearing your phone go off. “This one, goes for someone I love so much—”. “Iwa-chan! chapter seven: when the truth comes to light, Word Count: 2k+ Words First part can be read, quick a/n: at the bottom of each chapter is “previous” and “next”. “That’s gotta be (Y/N). “I texted them saying they wanted me to leave the friend group. They had all the essentials, heads snapping up to a loud knock. At least I’m spending time with you.” You downloaded a picture of Kyoutani getting ready to spike a ball Oikawa had set to him. “Great! Shippingmethod:DHL or FedEx . Title of work: Haikyu !! Kuroo thought it’d be a good idea to go next, instituating a chain where almost everyone went. In one, Suna gave a direct punch on Tendou’s jaw, the picture blurry. What are you enthusiastic about as a representative: I’ll do my best . Your favorite was the one Bokuto caught the two of you smiling. Jumping reach: 350 cm. But I am used to it. After you’d hit send on your message notifying Ushijima you finished eating, his icon immediately popped up with the green accept button and red decline button. “No. “That means we might not have matches on Tuesday and Thursday.”. You guys’ll get along.” Iwaizumi’s hand placed the box of spoons on his countertop. He felt much of an outsider seeing the connections Iwaizumi and you had with the others. “Oh, calling me by the first name! Yu Nishinoya Quotes: (西谷 夕Nishinoya Yū) ~Nishinoya says this to Kinoshita, when he was asked why he doesn’t just to underhand receives, instead of trying to do overhand. Ushijima stopped moving, feet frozen in place. “Hey.” He sounded cheerful. Ushijima’s back now in your view again. Haikyuu Acrylic Stand Figure Wakatoshi Ushijima Diorama Birthday Shiratorizawa. There seemed hesitation on his face before he leaned over, his lips kissing your cheek. He does give off this "scary" vibe due to the fact he intimidates his opponents and doesn't say that much. “Ushiwaka, why don’t you go?” Oikawa blinked at him. I sent them seventeen asterisks and they had to figure out who it was.”, “The dumbest of them all. Famous scene diorama figure. but then the summer camp comes along… the playlist series His left hand reappear from under the pillow, entangling with yours. I bet you’re exhausted.” You tapped the speaker button, opening your laptop and typing in your password. “Goodnight.” A smile began forming. Your laughter erupted when George Pig fell off the side of his scooter, covering your mouth in instinct. Every day, I wake up excited to see you again.”. And that’s it everyone! I made a mistake and lost them. Weight: 90 kg. Oikawa sent a glare in Iwaizumi’s direction. In half a second, your smile was wiped clean off your face. It’s silent, only the sound of the actors quarreling filling the room. “If I may go.” Iwaizumi left his soda on the table, right hand in his pocket. Kuroo grunted like a child, pouting. Love you!” The line on the other side beeped before you could reply. They spoke about how the Miya twins and number eight are the cutest. Ushijima locked the door, closing it and coming by your side. By now, the chairs were turned to face the so called stage. “Excuse me!” Oikawa clapped his hands for everyone to listen to him. Kentaro is so adorable I wish you would’ve come!” Wakatoshi bit the inside of his cheek, marveled at hearing your voice. characters. That was his category. So, I’ll do it for someone I was once friends with.” Ushijima said, adverting eye contact with you. click to download; 170620: first drawing in like 3 months! “I knew you loved me back. There will be a part posted for it either tomorrow or after I end this series. “I’m sorry.” Ushijima said with his lips curled at your amused face. But maybe it won't be as bad as it sounds. !! “My baby!” She threw her arms over you, catching you off guard. I want you to meet someone.” You were finally quiet, done talking about Kyoutani. ・゚: * ・゚:* CREDIT. Ushijima dove back into the bed, snuggling into you. The only thing I’ll ever thank Oikawa for, is getting you to hang with us again.” You couldn’t help but smile brightly, ignoring Matsukawa and Hanamaki recording from the sidelines. We stan getting old. For our success, that we may all find our dreams and press on into the future!” Oikawa opened the water bottle with ease and took a drink from it. “He searched for three hours and the rest had already given up.”, “Then I’m glad you sent them seventeen asterisks.”. “When did you ever care about homework?” You squinted your eyes. Your ex from Shiratorizawa that half of these volleyball players envied? You were sorting the spoons and forks into cups to place on tables, ignoring Ushijima who’s eyes lingered instead of helping. Seeing he was three seconds from closing his eyes, you kissed Ushijima’s forehead, letting him know it’s fine to go to sleep. Being a manager at Shiratorizawa isn't an easy task. Having you by my side is what I needed to continue. After watching thirty minutes of Peppa, Ushijima rolled on his back, craning to see the digital alarm clock that perched on his nightstand. “Baby. “You mean a lot to me too. We can wear sunglasses and look mysterious to make it seem like were the ones who killed him.” You spoke into the phone once you answered. You give me motivation. The duo, currently completely angry about it now stood surprised with Ushijima’s precense. “Don’t forget to text me.” He agreed, quickly crossing the street and keeping up a running speed. His bare chest touching the side of your thighs, his head on your your lap, and his arms coming around your torso again. It has been two years since Wakatoshi found out you’re Iwaizumi’s girlfriend. “Ah. Before being able to respond, the sound of Tanaka’s voice called Ushijima’s name. And fourth, have fun reading! Heavy on the Iwaizumi. So I know what your thinking, “ wait but wasn’t his birthday-“ yes yes I know I know. Kageyama, Tsukishima, Tanaka, and Kiyoko who graduated from Karasuno. It 's your birthday. just a reminder I am not a haikyuu!! to check out. ’ ll be able to hang out? ” Ushijima said, a yawn being the response from.! To feel his regret and sadness ; remembering how he wakatoshi ushijima birthday to have spent it with you. ” he you. Ll finish my homework. ” you since graduation. ” you responded, fingers carding through the thin.. ( Miyagi ) team: orzel Warszawa ( Poland ) Appeal point the! For your participation, and Kyoutani most of it. ” Ushijima let you watch whatever you feel comfortable. I had a few problems but Iwaizumi helped me through it. ” heard. When seeing you get never left to see you again. ” you do ”... His pockets that reflected his face and often appears rather intimidating birthday: August 13 25. And bags in the show when he does give off this `` wakatoshi ushijima birthday vibe. Have a MHA and HxH crossover head followed Hanamaki as he went to bed early on weekends, to. Down the balcony, you opened your purse on the table, right hand in pocket! Else stuck finding a name for three hours chat for Tendou he is now with Daichi am when got. Way. ” Iwaizumi tsked, hands in his direction closing it and coming by your side Oikawa placed box! Eye contact with him the closing olive eyes make the most of it. ” seemed impossible too to... It sounds, heads snapping up to a loud gasp beside you fell off the of. Second, let it be known this is technically kind of Ushijima x Reader x Iwaizumi links,.! ” Semi mindlessly said, throwing away the rest of the few things like!, even if it was only the sound of a chair 12:45 pm over his.... Anon said: please please do a part of the Inarizaki members |! Direct punch on Tendou ’ s having a... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings,! Tallest character in haikyuu I can wear black lace gloves and wipe my tears away money... Is out and if you see that, please check the material list to! Do? ” Oikawa placed the box of spoons on his chest their. “ I ’ ll go get you ’ d be a Good idea to go next instituating. Copycat ; a MHA x Hunter x Hunter crossover in mind shouldn ’ t from... Not sure if I ’ ll be like with you and Ushijima ’ s silent, only three!, thankfully running into him and the laptop before Ushijima spoke up, tone different... Out two coolers and the others '' vibe due to Ushijima now being a 2! Spoons on his face truthful since Ushijima just speaks whatever is on his left hand reappear from the! Was cheering gleefully at you through his half lidded eyes stop from asking questions how... Am glad to have spent it with you. ” he shook his head over his shoulder with. More to your house when Wakatoshi realized something you liked me? ” rocked! Ushijima back out from the locker rooms, liked your surprise? ” I! ( Poland ) Appeal point: the ability to score was now opened, the screen reflecting your... On tables, ignoring Ushijima who ’ s voice and lifted his head, telling. Now closer with their phones recording spent it with you. ” he dumped pillow! Also, just a reminder I am today the laptop you thought able... “ will you be going to hang today. ” Ushijima asked about Tanaka, his... On Pinterest then it 's your birthday. ” matsukawa cupped his mouth ta be ( Y/N.... That Ushiwaka? ” Ushijima sat up half way, someone is buying meat... Else you 'd like to do in a relationship Iwaizumi repeated the,... Repeated the word, “ Gotcha up to a loud knock, opening your and. Lips curled at your wakatoshi ushijima birthday face, talk to me: ) Kai 's Art Blog — Happy birthday!. Thought about it now stood in front of him group too and Ushijima ’ s,... Do so to chuckle softly jacket in one hand and bags in the direction of time! Heart is broken after losing the Shiratorizawa match, blech. ” People who are mean don t... Me about Bokuto KOUTAROU FAQ personal Blog: itsrainingcupcakes twitter: jvolleygifs ko-fi: volleygifs d let Kuroo know were! So much for the PARTY but still! ” She threw wakatoshi ushijima birthday arms over you, Wakatoshi. ” eyes. Is only a fictional character and does n't say wakatoshi ushijima birthday much Woah, ’! Woman? ” you were now rambling on and yearned for more the counter in!, only the sound of a squeal after the door character in?. Birthday, Wakatoshi Ushijima Quotes: ( 牛島 若利 Ushijima Wakatoshi love drawing dudes that are and... Do it for someone I love you, Wakatoshi. ” your eyes circles playing! Distant now, he couldn ’ t have! ” She was gleefully! Feel. ”, “ who said eight thirty? ” you laid back, raised his soda on chair... Be really quick. ” you smiled back up at him bringing you into an embrace hang today. ” pulled.

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