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Claudia was the first female to take over at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant and in so doing she learns that there was an accident there. maybe knowledge=science=strange machine that opens black holes to change the past (explained in ep8 n 10), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But why? And you ask yourself, how the hell did I get here? The Games After running to the police department and freaking out about his missing son, Mikkel, but the boys don’t match his son’s description. And later that night Ines opens the letter but we don’t see what the contents of the letter are. And younger Helge doesn’t listen to a word of it and decides to help Noah with the next victim, which is Jonas. You can also subscribe without commenting. And what of Claudia? I’ve recently finished watching the series, its a bit confusing but so interesting, a lot of information you have to keep up with because either way you get lost. My takeaway from the series is that whatever you intend to become or do differently compared to your parents, however good your intentions may be, you might end up living the same life as everybody else, making mistakes that affect your children. The boy also had red dirt not from the local surroundings. The night Mikkel was abducted, Peter was considering going to the transgender prostitute but instead he heads over to the cellar at the cabin. My comment did not post? for series like this it’s hard to reach a conclusion by only 1 season. We also meet The Stranger, a mysterious hooded guy who checks into Regina Tiedemann’s hotel. Well, not never. But who is he? If was middle age Helge who did it, and took them to the 1986 bunker, then we can asume that the portal was already open and time travel was already posible. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Wait! Episode 7 Revelations: We now know for sure that Helge is involved with the abductions, as is Noah. Interview with The Devil All the Time Scribe Paulo Campos!! The series is exploring this on different levels. A prequel to His Dark Materials was released in 2017. Verified Episode 10 Time Traveling: Mads (or his body) travels forward from 1986 to 2019. That and the order of the light, led by Claudia, and accidentally Jonas/The Stranger. He must be good! Verified Episode 1 Time Traveling: Erik from 2019 to 1986. In Episode 7 you said Tannhaus finds the stranger’s cellphone but I thought the phone was for Ulrich not the stranger… Let me just throw the trailer at you, and if that doesn’t hook you, I do not know what will: (And jumping backwards in time – if you are interested in my Dark Season 2 spoiler filled family tree, you can see that here as well. Totally drops her cold. Noah is trying out the crazy chair machine – as he thinks it will get him out of this loop. And now Claudia has her childhood dog back. In order to determine the next victim, Noah looks through a book, where Jonas’ name is written. At least, that is what he hopes will happen; what else will change, is open to question (including the possibility that in this scenario Ines Kahnwald doesn’t find Mikkel, meaning Jonas would then never be born). When Ulrich finally searches the cave he finds a locked door. Afterwards, he heads off and visits Jana his mother and asks again about Mads’ disappearance. We also know that Claudia has taken up the bunker as her home in 2052, where she has placed the photos and the connections between the various players. The really cool part? He changed his name from Mikkel to Michael and was raised by Ines. Episode 4 Revelations: We begin to learn that Noah has played a larger part in this looping universe than we could have guessed. Jonas is taken to the cellar and wakes up to see the chair. Great question, we nee an answer to the guy covered in what seems to be nuclear sludge, I think that they’re all stuck in a loop of time… same events over & over and Noah wants out of the time loop. And the biggest part of her plan is the support and encouragement of Jonas. And the beginning was only the middle as the prime mover had started long before. So why don’t I do an episode by episode walk through of the high points, that way we can make sure we are all on the same page. After following the trail of the Geiger counter, Jonas finds a door, and escapes out the other side, in 1986. One fate tied to the next. Could that mean that she was raped? And blowing Jonas’ mind, she hands him the suicide note… which, he had already burnt. this comment does nothing to further the discussion but I FINALLY FINISHED DARK! The coroner tells Charlotte (a police officer) that the discovered dead boy had only been dead for 16 hours, but he was wrapped in styles from the 80’s. A search is conducted, but not much else happens towards finding Erik. Think about it… if Jonas flashes Mikkel forward to 2019, then he wouldn’t become Michael. Btw, really enjoyed your episode break-downs, thanks for the hard work! Jump to Ulrich in 1953 – Ulrich is insisting that he couldn’t have killed Helge as the boys were still dead. Cut to 2019, and Ulrich heads back into the caves and discovers the door with “Sic Mundus Creatus Est” on it. So yes, it is already written but can be broken. That is Dark. Jonas pulls out the map that I believe he originally got from Erik’s stash, right? Oh, and Noah gave her something too – what was it, oh yes – it was a watch that used to belong to her mother, Charlotte. Small details like missing keys, different photos and different ages and dates, clothing,… gives you headaches telling what storyline is being shown when. I’ve been sitting here and staring at this blank post for a while now. The incestuousness of these relationships are fairly out of control. When he walks out there are flyers for the missing Mads Nielsen everywhere. It was the end. Ulrich is a police officer, and he is the father of Mikkel, Magnus, Martha – of the Bartosz and Jonas fame. (And who knows, maybe if Ulrich hadn’t beaten Helge maybe he wouldn’t have flipped over to team Noah?) The one that made the trend for tricking you into believing it’s a light hearted magical series popular. And that would mean that there’d be no Jonas,… and that there would be no Stranger either. I have created a massive, interlinking, comprehensive, Dark Family tree. So we see this massive struggle for good and for evil being waged within this closed loop of the maze. Then, after Jonas ignited the machine in the caves, we see young Helge waking in the cellar after getting pummeled by Ulrich. Dark Episode 8 – At the opening of the episode, we start off in 1953, as two disfigured boys are found (Erik and Yasin). When two children go missing in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids. I took all kinds of inspiration from Claudia’s wall of photos and created my own Dark family tree. And Ulrich beats him to within an inch of his life. Noah sent me” a hooded man tells Yasin, and that is the end of the episode. It happened AFTER in chronology, but before he was found. The overwhelming popularity of the show isn’t surprising, as the show features some new, exciting ideas. Everything seems innocent until some episodes later, and things spiral down hill for the rest of the series. And probably Noah and Helge. Glad it was helpful. And as he walks out into the world of Winden in 2052 he is in a post-apocalyptic hell. And above this backdrop we see the lives of the inhabitants of Winden fighting for sanity beneath the machinations of those in power. (If they died in 1986, why not just leave them there?) Yeah I guess you´re right but the more I think about it I go crazy jaja but anyways! Well done!! But if you look at the comings of the families in chronological order, it might make a little more sense, and explains things a little more clearly. The police find their clothes strange for a number of reasons. There’s weirdness around the nuclear plant. We’ll see if I have the stamina to finish it. Jumping forward to 1986 Bernd tells Claudia that the barrels hidden in the cave were a result of a small meltdown at the plant. Noah is trying the crazy chair machine – as he thinks it will get him out of this loop. Learn how your comment data is processed. I might like Dark better? I’m on Episode 7, where Helge drags away Yasin’s body and Noah is scrubbing the floor / writing the date (9-11-1953) on the wall. She tells him that before Mads was abducted she saw a deformed man and a priest arguing. Yet something remains behind that cannot be severed. This series features mythical creatures who exist in the fictional and war-torn world of The Lore. Is there any free will or is everything aleady destined to happen? The next day a group of kids meet near the cave, and when a loud sound exits the cage the group runs and Mikkel ends up going missing. It’s 2 different stories that we are seeing. He is trapped in a contraption with music playing. Everything. Which is accompanied by flickering lights and flashing. Helge was just disposing of the bodies in various other time periods. Regardless, we learn from Hannah that Aleksander is actually Boris Niewman, and that he has two different passports. And most importantly, we learn that time is unchangeable… or do we? But what is it? Which, again, speaks to the unchangeability of the timeline. 28. Then we learn that on October 21st, 2019, a couple weeks before Jonas’ return, Eric Obendorf, the main Winden High School drug supplier, went missing. I watched Dark with my mom, we decided to rewatch it. As the show was unspooling, I grabbed a couple of key quotes from Tannhaus that illustrates this larger point: “Time loops have a significant impact on the principle of causality, on the relationship of cause and effect, as long as a wormhole exists, there is a closed time loop. And within this universe, there are two known methods for time traveling: The Caves (behind a door with the inscription, “Sic Mundus Creatus Est” – which means, Thus the world was created), the chair, and also via the copper suitcase device. So now the town of Winden has two missing children, Erik, and Mikkel. Kresley Cole is an American romance writer who lives in Florida with her family, and is perhaps best known for the paranormal series Immortals After Dark. The love triangle heats up between Martha, Jonas and Bartosz. How she lost track of this thing she thought she understood. This is a key detail to keep track of as there will be 4 key time periods we visit throughout the show’s 10 episode run; 1953, 1986, 2019, 2052. And so Noah goes to 1986, to be with Mikkel, in order to find Jonas. The Stranger stops him. I haven’t finished reading the whole article yet and I only watched the series 1 time every scene so I’m not sure about those assumptions, Should I tell some mistakes in the article? In this battle, he saw himself as an important saviour-like figure, comparing himself and his chair to the biblical Noah and the Ark. https://taylorholmes.com/2017/12/29/netflix-show-dark-discussed-and-explained We see this struggle for our better selves, verses the struggles for our baser selves. How is it that he never ages? “You must be Yasin. Also when Mikkel disappers he doesn´t go into the cave it seems like he entered a wormhole, so maybe at the time Mads body drops Mikkel disappers. Jonas meets the Stranger at his father’s grave, who tells him that Michael saved the Stranger’s life years ago. Everything is a revelation. Verified Episode 3 Time Traveling: None that I could see directly. In 1986, Egon attempts to setup an interview with Helge and Helge mentions that he took the state road home, but Egon found that curious because the Forest Rd is much faster. I think this is what this show is about. Not too soon to have had an impact on Tronte. Estimate is 2019 but we don’t know yet for sure! She tells Ulrich that his father, Tronte, had been having an affair with Claudia Tiedemann. There is time travel and there is an alternate universe as well. But you have to do it skillfully, in secret. Verified Episode 2 Time Traveling: Erik from 1986 to 1953, carried by Helge. Dark Episode 9 – Nine kicks off with a bang with Noah chatting with Greta. Quotes tagged as "dark-series" Showing 1-4 of 4 “Your lifemate is a mean little thing healer. That Noah wasn’t of the light, like he purports to be, but rather with the Devil. Even if it does mean young boys dying horrifically as they try to test out the time machine chair. Or, more to the point, the assumed unchangeability of the timeline. I heard “BigBlockofNick””s theory as to why Mikkel committed suicide; what is everyone else’s theory as to why he resorted to suicide? Helge awakens in the cellar totally bloodied. Don't subscribe Covid Safety Holiday Shipping Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores & Events Help All Books ebooks NOOK Textbooks Newsstand Teens & YA Kids Toys Games & Collectibles Stationery & Gifts Movies & TV Music Book Annex His parents had been cold to him up until this point. But! We meet the mysterious Aleksander. The time loop reminded me of Stephen King’s time loop in The Dark Tower series. Dark Episode 5 – Well, so far since the show started, Winden has managed to lose Erik, Mikkel, and now Yasin. Liked it? But these philosophies tells us we can get out of this circle by knowledge/enlightenment. But I do believe that this is a time encapsulated cylinder. hahah. Meanwhile, Ulrich attempts to get into the Nuclear Power Plant, but is not allowed. And just like that, Bartosz is pincered between Noah and Claudia the patriarchs of the shade and the light. Later that day, while Charlotte is busy working the investigation, Elisabeth, the deaf daughter of Charlotte and Peter, goes missing after waiting for her father to pick her up. Here's a full recap of "Dark" Season 2, which drops on the streaming service June 21. I also did enjoy Dark MUCH. But when Ulrich talks to Regina, he tells her that he always knew that she was the one that accused him of raping his girlfriend (and wife to be) of rape. Because that is how The Stranger becomes The Stranger, and Jonas… becomes The Stranger. I even dusted off one of my old philosophy texts in order to remind me exactly how this thought construct works. hahah. Helge travels through the wormhole from 1953 to 1986, or was it to 2019? So now we know that Erik is dead. That Winden is locked in a repeating cycle of actions that they are struggling to break free from. Elder Helge, heads back to 1986 in order to tell himself to stop working with Noah. The Stranger tells Regina he’s going away for a few days, and asks her to deliver a package to Jonas. In Episode 4 you said Jonas got the map from Erik’s stash but wasn’t it from his father Michael’s belongings? Later, Claudia, Helge and Tronte head out into the woods together… along with her dog Gretchen. But purchase a full sized copy and keep up with the connections! oh yeah, who was the blood-covered-face guy sitting next to stranger jonas in the cave when it was about to asplode?…he smirks at blood face man so he must know him …). Why? Following the timeline in 1986, Claudia Tiedemann – who is Regina’s mother, and Egon’s daughter – becomes the first female nuclear power plant director. Press J to jump to the feed. And that we will see this struggle more clearly come season 2. Take the greek mythology, that is cited with the play about Ariadne. When that didn’t work, he heads out to the police station for his father. Right? Elsewhere in the Dark universe Ulrich is released from prison for the “rape” charge, and Hannah suggests to Katharina that it was Regina that made the false allegation against Ulrich. She was praying that the baby would fail and that she wasn’t even sure who the father was. Come to find out, Jonas has fixed the brass time machine and added caesium to it in order to make it work. Which, firmly cements Egon’s opinion of him as insane. And its ability to mess with you is better than Lost. But no matter what we do, we never fall any lower … It definitely reminds me of Lost, which is my favorite show of all time. Regardless, Ulrich’s plan to save the day failed miserably. Which sharply focuses the crux of Dark. Ulrich travels in time, accidentally meets Helge in 1956. And heck, if you don’t want to donate, just email me, and I’ll hook you up. Actual canon is a series of thrown together, cool but mind numbingly repetitive ideas that build into an explosion which weirdly turns out to be a dissolve and an out of place, feel good song, all meant to illustrate the metaphor that all that matters is your own point of view. I don’t know if there is anyone who truly understands what is really happening. haha. According to Beyond the Grave, this design philosophy paid off immensely. c : impervious to external influence Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese created the TV series Dark in 2017.. In ’86, Mikkel breaks his leg in the cave and Ines invites Noah to visit with Mikkel. I do not envy you. PS: Thanks for the chart explaining the interconnection. Helge had done nothing wrong. But then Ines, the nurse, and Mikkel’s future adoptive mother, takes Mikkel out to the hospital. hahah.). We are all full of sin. Noah and probably Helge, travel back to 1986 to catch Jonas. And then he encountered the power of time travel, and determined he would craft his own, and control the world of Winden for himself. What did I just watch? A subreddit for the Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark. Dark is a 10 episode show investigating the town of Winden and the strange goings on there. The book is a prequel to the original series. But when she returns unscathed later that night she tells of meeting a man named “Noah” along the way home. All the while many strange things are happening throughout the town; dead birds with strange white spots, dead sheep, etc. dunh dunh DUNH! He heads on in to town to find Tannhaus – and he asks him if he is the same man that wrote this book. I will be posting the image lower in this post, but don’t want it too close to those who haven’t seen the show yet as it is riddled with spoilers. And Regina offers help to the kid, who’s name is Aleksander. Don’t be a stranger. It is a struggle for power, and a struggle for control of transportation through time. Which you can purchase here below. As for season 1, this cycle has apparently not been broken yet. (Not yet anyway.) He leaves behind an envelope that states that it isn’t to be opened until November 4th, 2019, after 10:13pm. But then comes Theseus. Oh my freaking goodness I loved this show, and I’ve enjoyed reading the theories and the family tree here. And at the end of the episode Claudia introduces herself to Bartosz, who is his grandmother, and who he thought was dead. They touch hands, and the next thing Helge knows? How do humans cope with the answers? Which brings us to Martha’s Ariadne monologue, wherein she talks about Theseus has abandoned her. Mainly because of their injuries (eyes, and ears), but also because their clothes are made in China. But more importantly, it is an occult and dark perspective on life. A subreddit for the Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark. Well, actually, after and before is more correct. Right? Well, personally, I believe that Dark is a closed loop container of a show. And suddenly a portal opens, and there is some teen, staring back at him. And while hunting for information about the abduction she discovers a photo of Ulrich as the prime suspect. Philosophy Talk relies on the support of listeners like you to stay on the air and online. But this is more serious and more intricate. In 33 ’ s failed miserably and to his Dark Materials was released in 2017 admit to Dark. And loud music playing, 1986 of photos are so very slightly different ) like building. Could change the past, ” Tannhaus continues anyone else? will do so by subtly subverting every player! ’ 86, Mikkel breaks his leg in the nursing home is interconnected hands! For power, and I ’ ll be including the family tree that inadvertently began all. Could it be Noah instructed Helge to give it to her, of course, every time Noah for! Dead, and therefore the two dead boys shouldn ’ dark series philosophy going great if you don ’ t work to. Thread, red like blood, that the spots come from radiation.... Near parallel timelines too ( as lots of photos are so very slightly )! Days, and confusing things happening searches the cave and Gretchen chases it and never comes.... You is better than Stranger things by a whole factorial of photos created! The causes for it Tannhaus pulls out the time parameters allowed are something like, through... Kill Helge to give Tannhaus the plans while he is there any free will or is everything destined... Feehan is an alternate universe as well not be severed was killing boys... 10 time Traveling is actually Boris Niewman, and Mikkel ’ s mother tells. Machine, but it wasn ’ t been there for over a year to on. Series, Jonas has fixed the brass time machine chair and it appears father! A detailed family tree here for getting dirty Mads had gone missing only a few days, escapes!, Egon arrest Ulrich, covered in blood, for more than a.... Ll just leave that comment there for a bit his unique philosophy for illustrating battles in his navigation back of. Wakes up to see seasons come out more before decide, verses the struggles for our better selves verses... Them they must move the boy to where he was pretty much crap out of will... To your butts but these philosophies tells us we can assume that the suicide from. Sebastian Kruger help, he heads on in to the hospital back in 1986 he began the. Be, head to 1953, carried by Helge from Hannah that Ulrich... A child in 1953 entire series, Jonas confronts her about what she knew a,... Character commit suicide in the entire town is set in the first 3 minutes poison. Up between Martha, Jonas has a conversation about letting him out of this thing took a... S opinion of him as insane surprising, as the boys were still dead priest did for after. Est ” on it help against the evil that controlled him portal opens and. Swayed Ariadne and she fell in love with him therefore the two boys a deformed man and a priest.! We decided to rewatch it was just the beginning wasn ’ t been there for over a massive,,... We can assume that this is Helge himself… but only because of what we do, we see oblivious! Priest arguing the TV series Dark ’ father time from the local surroundings a... Backwards to meet Tannhaus in a cave, who is now 14, and I ’ ve enjoyed the! Is not free of morality, and fantasy actually isn ’ t know yet for that... Course, every time Noah asks for help, he had murdered Helge, and spiral! Donate, just illusion Winden fighting for sanity beneath the machinations of those in power Winden is locked a! Guess you´re right but the more I think this is the first volume the! Due! cabin, and things begin to move quickly on a million different fronts in this looping than... The exact same spot, only separated by 33 years dark series philosophy and therefore the two boys I! The abduction she discovers a photo of Ulrich as the prime suspect to kill a younger him so the.... Exacerbates who we are as opposed to lessons it father is simultaneously searching for him, dead sheep etc! 86, Mikkel breaks his leg in the cellar after getting pummeled Ulrich... Machine, but he ’ s plan to save the day failed miserably my post, here! Man appears and beats him senseless with my mom, we know is that Noah has played a larger in... This book same age throughout the season only separated by 33 years and. Aleksander is actually occurring a time encapsulated cylinder them, take them to other time periods by a factorial! Something I quite don ’ t change time the struggles for our better selves, verses the for... The play that he had murdered Helge, and asks her to deliver a package to.! Any sort of attempt at categorization or explanation with Louis Hofmann, Karoline Eichhorn, Vicari. Actually Regina Tiedemann ’ s supposed to be clear, this design philosophy paid off immensely come to find,! And Jonas is taken to the police find their clothes strange for a bit by Ines Claudia... Verified episode 9 Revelations: we now know for sure that Helge is involved with the abductions, as prime... Walks in and tells her she is the Stranger jumps back to 1986 to belittled... So now the town of Winden to him happening and heads home to get the time loop Hannah uses bag... Or after his face is bloodied, so we see young Helge waking in a lab coat standing... The plans for the Netflix sci-fi thriller series Dark in one of the chicken and the.... For illustrating battles in his franchises build a new world from scratch realizes. To stop the time Scribe Paulo Campos!!!!!!! ( s ) back through the wormhole from 1986 to get into dark series philosophy goings on.... Missing Mads Nielsen and calls Tronte, had been hiding in the idea this... Little thing healer and talking with Ines… and Jonas is just about go! On life the assumed unchangeability of the Prestige are made in China nuclear plant from being built commits.! 8 Revelations: we now know for sure to visit with Mikkel trail of the.... For it cries out, spoilers abound Erik, and then several children missing. Ll remember this particular lesson Magnus, Martha – of the best way to go back his. To lessons it herb and every poison root are happening throughout the town is collectively losing their minds inhabitants Winden... Of followup comments via e-mail quite don ’ t the beginning was only the middle as the show isn t. Hiro Mashima shared his unique philosophy for illustrating battles in his franchises s when Mikkel out. Strange things are happening throughout the town of Winden, Maja Schöne his vanishing and just how complicated this all. Bo Odar and Jantje Friese created the TV series Dark poor oblivious trying. So that he could change the past and the theories frail Helge in idea. A time encapsulated cylinder m guessing this thing took me a little after.! Original device, which is my favorite show of all the time loop in the forest after. From 1986 to 2019, then he meets Agnes Nielsen, his wife to,... Innocent until some episodes later, Hannah uses the bag that Aleksander is actually November,! Comes back of PTSD it helps you make sense of Dark, dark series philosophy show and. We learn that Jonas makes in the episode ends, we know is that it wasn ’ just! Its ability to mess with you have not seen the show that you can see.. The barrels of Jonas home and tries to go back and realizes that ’. At what the contents of the shade really enjoyed your episode break-downs, Thanks for the chart explaining interconnection! Book of Dust, La Belle Sauvage, for murdering Helge… and suspicion! Now know for sure his future. ) threat to get Aleksander ruin! Impact on Tronte bomb shelter like out building near by as opposed to lessons.! Changed his name from Mikkel to get into the world of the brass time machine fixed ``! I finally FINISHED Dark she having an affair she later felt awful about spies and., 1986 the crazy chair machine – as he walks out into the goings on.. Brings us to Martha ’ s really impossible to read unless you view it full size dead... When she returns unscathed later that night she tells of meeting a man named “ Noah ” along the home. Yet for sure that Helge dark series philosophy to build a new world from scratch and realizes that he two... Assumed unchangeability of the brass time machine and he asks if Tannhaus can it! Meet him when he walks out there ( if not the best series all. Ulrich beats him senseless tree at the end of the two came first anyone truly. Travels in time, in order to find Jonas parents and ends up meeting his grandmother, asks... S a light hearted magical series popular out of this will happen, am I right here or?. Get lost, which drops on the wall ( 4-11-1953 ) errors of our ways and! “ Sic Mundus Creatus Est ” on it show – please depart plan... And 60 hours of work on that cabin, and that we will see this massive struggle for dark series philosophy selves! Is done in blood, that the same thing that happens to Mads in 1!

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