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It’s come a long way since its humble beginnings, and even between G-Cloud 11 and 12 we’ve seen progress and positive change to procurement with the framework. There have been 12 calls for contract so far in which suppliers were able to list their services on G-Cloud. Not sure how long it might take you to apply? Mastering them helps you to script and automate many GCP operations. Get expert advice and tips on how to write winning bids for opportunities on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework. gcloud auth list Command output Credentialed accounts: - @.com (active) Note: The gcloud command-line tool comes preinstalled in Cloud Shell and you'll surely enjoy its support for tab completion. a list with the version of each component. gcloud config list project Command output [core] project = kubectl get pods, list nodes The main thing is for your listing to be compliant and optimised for sales. Usage gcloud_version() Value. Google Compute Engine documentation: https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/ Google Cloud SDK (gcloud CLI) Documentation https://cloud.google.com/sdk/ G-Cloud (RM1557.12) is a framework where supplier cloud-based solutions are made available through a front-end Catalogue called the Digital Marketplace. If you offer bespoke development this is not a framework for you. £1 in every £3 with small businesses by 2020. engaging the wider sector in using G-Cloud. The G-Cloud application is made up of the following: Before we delve into each of these elements individually, remember each part of your listing should be crafted with your buyer in mind and be easy for them to navigate. List all the instances: Make sure the zone configured in your configuration is the same where the instance can be found or the command will not find the instance by name. For every £1 spent on the framework, £1 is saved. I pray you can help me. If you want to get more information on the twelfth iteration of the framework, you can watch our recent G-Cloud 12 webinar here. For example we use cookies to show you relevant webinars, content etc. gcloud compute forwarding-rules list, list compute engine machine types gcloud config list compute/region, set a region(Cloud SDK property) kubectl get deployments, list replicasets gcloud_version; Documentation reproduced from package cloudml, version 0.6.1, License: Apache License 2.0 Community examples. the internet and hosted in the cloud, This Lot is for services that help buyers set up and maintain their cloud software or hosting services. Training and deploying a TensorFlow tf.keras model using Google Cloud ML Engine. A buyer can make the final decision in two ways: The Digital Marketplace buyers guide, and the framework agreement outlines four different types of criteria you can use when evaluating shortlisted suppliers under M.E.A.T: The final selection should be based on best fit rather than ruling out suppliers that don’t meet your current contract or an ideal set of terms. You can install the latest components by entering the following command: gcloud components update. Get version of Google Cloud SDK components. The gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet. Use the sales data! Cyber Essentials shows an understanding and basic commitment to security. There are now specific clauses within the G-Cloud framework agreement and call-off contract covering the supplier requirements in line with GDPR. Some of the cookies we use are essential for our website to work. 3.1 List all components gcloud components list 3.2 Install a component gcloud components install [COMPONENT-ID] 3.3 Update all installed components to latest version gcloud components update Or to revert SDK to the previously installed version, say 228.0.0: gcloud components update --version 228.0.0 3.4 Remove a component List of package versions for project gcloud in all repositories gcloud compute instance-groups list, list instances in the instance group Files for gcloud, version 0.18.3; Filename, size File type Python version Upload date Hashes; Filename, size gcloud-0.18.3.tar.gz (454.4 kB) File type Source Python version None Upload date Sep 23, 2016 Hashes View Close. G-Cloud experts and government procurement consultants. Registered Office: Advice Cloud Ltd, 15-17 Middle Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1AL. gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID, list GCE regions The framework was first open in 2012 and is now in its 12th iteration – G-Cloud 12. Introduction. Applying for G-Cloud is not easy, especially if you want to have a quality and compliant listing. However, we have always recommended suppliers include one, as our recent analysis of G-Cloud 9 suppliers showed that 29% of suppliers with no sales had a missing service definition. Start researching your target market and begin creating content that resonates with them. gcloud functions event-types list, delete a function The majority of the business through G-Cloud has come from central government. For a quick introduction to the gcloud command-line tool, a list of commonly used commands, and a look at how these commands are structured, refer to the gcloud command-line tool cheat sheet. Click or Tap the command-line and it will be copied to your clipboard. $> gcloud version. Suppliers often struggle with the best way to present their pricing but it is vital you get your pricing right for G-Cloud! gcloud app browse: Open the current app in a web browser. gcloud secrets versions list application_settings After confirming the secret has been created, remove the local file: rm .env Given the backing services you just created, you'll need to make some changes to the template project to suit. This flag interacts with other flags that are applied in this order: --flatten, --sort-by, --filter, - … Ultimate framework battle: G-Cloud versus DOS inforgraphic. Our Strategic Adviser Lindsay Smith says there are three parts to an winning G-Cloud Marketing Strategy: If that’s all a bit too in-depth for you, here is a few things to to get you going: hbspt.cta.load(3847317, 'eb8c02b9-8439-448e-9c3e-8b62c3492269', {}); Just like your marketing strategy, your sales strategy should also be tailored to the public sector. Best practice for buyer is to also to notify the unsuccessful suppliers and give them reasons as to why they weren’t successful, so they can improve their bids next time. gcloud functions list, display details of functions Firstly, if after a compliant search the buyer ends up with only one supplier on G-Cloud that meets their needs, they can direct award. We also use some non-essential cookies to collect information to provide you with a better experience and to improve Our Site by better understanding how you use it. list the roles gcloud iam roles list. how NOT to price your service for G-Cloud. Aliases. hbspt.cta.load(3847317, 'c9f566a1-16ad-41ce-96bf-8c1f0b481c2f', {}); This is what we mean when we say front-end listing. After consulting suppliers following G-Cloud 8, CCS decided that the old Lot structure should be changed. You can find a shortlist of the frequently used commands below. kubectl get nodes, list compute engine instances The default is unlimited. gcloud functions logs read, list available region of Cloud Functions G-Cloud has sped up the procurement process and in doing so reduced the cost. After all, local government is under the same pressures as central government to transform and meet citizen demand for its services. Scenario: I already have a version of Google Cloud SDK installed on my machine which I intend to preserve, while installing another newer version of Google Cloud SDK. Maximum number of resources to list. Lots 1 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). gcloud config set compute/zone ZONE, deploy the code to Cloud Functions When buyers are faced with multiple suppliers that meet their requirements. Work out which departments or sectors could best make use of your solution and work on getting in front of them. gcloud container clusters describe CLUSTER_NAME, list GKE images G-Cloud is open to cloud suppliers of all sizes. Previously, smaller suppliers may have found it difficult to invest time and resources in a long framework application process. exit, print version google-app-engine google-cloud-platform gcloud . when executing the command it shows me: I would like to sort by string based on the name of the version and that the output is only the latest version. gcloud version, lists credentialed account Pass/fail questions around background and compliance, Questions around your solution and service offering which make up the front-end of your listing. It looks like CCS agreed with this, as from G-Cloud 12 Service Definitions have been made mandatory again (along with other changes made for the 12th iteration), so suppliers will have to include this document in their application. To control third party cookies, you can also adjust your browser settings. And, if you aren’t selling it isn’t too late to change that, you just need to find out why! gcloud functions delete NAME, deploy the code to App Engine gcloud app services list, list instances of App Engine We could go on, but if you need further convincing here’s a breakdown of our 12 reasons to list on G-Cloud 12. terraform-google-gcloud. Sometimes, there isn't Terraform GCP support for a particular feature, or you'd like to do something each time Terraform runs (ie: upload a file to a Kubernetes pod) that lacks Terraform support. Watch our recent TS3 webinar for FREE. G-Cloud framework is THE place to be, for companies who are thinking about selling their cloud-based solutions to the UK government. gcloud compute instances describe INSTANCE_NAME, start a compute engine instance Their role is to improve the government’s commercial and procurement activity. gcloud app instances list, fetch credential As searching for a product name isn’t a compliant way to buy on G-Cloud. For example, you can check the version of gcloud by entering the following: gcloud version. In later Posts , we will see How to Connect Google Cloud VMs directly from Windows command line using Gcloud .

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