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Following his gaze, Oikawa froze, watching you disappear within the sea of people. Haikyu!! Oikawa spiked the volleyball, completely immersed in his practice. That night Tsukishima gave you a pair of his headphones, demanding that when you both met again, you’d give them back. Earning a loud cry in pain. He's a very well written character but reminds me too much of people who were horrible to me. Death Note: L Change the World (Light Novel), Boruto: Naruto the Movie - The Day Naruto Became Hokage. “Find me again once you graduate. You actually like them back!” Suga grabbed my face and stared into my eyes. “It’s Iwa-chan or Haji to you. ❖ “Semi. One more thing which differentiates him from other players is … We… We think it’s just best. anime/ released art; I only edited/modified them using Paint 3D for this project. Too late to run and apologize. I really did. Welcher Haikyuu Charakter passt zu dir? ❝You’re already mine.❞Ushijima Wakatoshi X Black!Reader X Tendou SatoriSummary: You confess to Ushijima and Tendou, well sorta, ❝Twister❞⌲Ushijima Wakatoshi X Black!Reader⌲ Prompt/Summary: You both play twister Hcs. “Talk to us! Ever since Hinata was a child, he has always had … “You wanna see some real speed?”. Volleyball. ⌲ “Tooru. My Hero Academia. Shōyō Hinata, Tobio Kageyama, Daichi Sawamura, Kōshi Sugawara, Asahi Azumane, Y&# … You’ll often slap his ass and tell him to move so you can reach the red dot. I don't like it, but I can tolerate it. “Atsumu!” The sled pushed forward, speeding down the steep hill. “Shōyō…”. “For how long Iwaizumi? !, a ... Andrew Love (English) Yamamoto is a second-year student at Nekoma High. Support & licensed by the Haikyuu creator, we are, also the true fans of Haikyuu series, also want to provide the most convenience shopping experience for the fan. ❖Iwaizumi clutches his fist as his eyes burn, watching your train leave. ❖“Tch. before becoming serialized in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, and in 2020 finished its 45-volume run. Greatest 100 TV Characters of All Time. I cried when I saw them. ❖“Sunshine, you gotta get up before Kageyama moves the tree.” Mumbling into my neck, I sighed and opened my eyes. INSTRUCTIONS Start the game and let the battle begin! Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. His gaze moves towards the window, staring at the moon as a frown graces his features. Notes: ↠Team Captains are next- Haikyuu!! ⌽When he found out you cried yourself to sleep. ⌽When she came home to an empty house. Find out the answer to your burning fangirl question here. “Do you like us?” Turning to Hinata, I took a hesitant step back, clutching the headphones tightly. I really did. My head being the only body part out of the bag. ❖Stretching the soreness of his muscles. ❖The next day, they watched your plane leave. Watching the whole scene unfold, Atsumu landing on his face, with Osamu landing on his back. Da er aber klein ist, wird er nicht richtig ernst genommen. ❖Walking through the train station, your luggage following behind you as you slipped through the crowd. He’s always worried that he’ll crush you….again. It felt like a heavy burden was off of my shoulders, that I could finally be honest. Both of their forced smile dropping. ❖Graduation came sooner than I expected. You could simply put up a front, pretend to have that bite that all the confident black girls on had. ❖“Liar!” Shōyō tackled Tobio, just as I pulled away. “I’ve missed you Y/N…”, ❖“Shōyō,” Muttering quietly, my hand moving up to his head, softly patting it before remembering where we were. Summary= Once in three years there's a gigantic volleyball training camp. Just as the title says :D . Haikyuu!! He treated you like a therapist, not like a Lover. love is sometimes hesitant, scared to burn too bright and fizz out too fast. He did it whenever he didn’t want to lie to me, but also didn’t want to tell the truth. Semi~” He glared at me with crossed arms. “That hurt!”, ⌲ Warnings:↠Sad↠Angst↠I love Iwaizumi and this breaks my heart. If you like characters and the way they connect, Haikyuu is one of my most recomended. He didn’t want you to cry. before becoming serialized in Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump, and in 2020 finished its 45-volume run. Tobio looked to the side innocently. Yet I was hesitant to share it to Asahi, but I did. “Miracle boy, right hand red. Tsukishima’s headphones around your neck and Kageyama’s volleyball tucked beneath into your arm. Even with how you stormed out, he knew you’d be back, eventually. All credits for character sprite art go to official Haikyuu! Truth is, I wanted to stop those footsteps for a moment. You were nothing like the other kind of people he had met. What haikyuu character are you? You were asking for attention again, but he didn’t want to cuddle or whatever you were asking. That I… I couldn’t decide–” I explained everything, while crying my eyes out. M.List Taglist Request Dedication. ❖To Kageyama and Hinata, that’s all that mattered. Da er aber klein ist, wird er nicht richtig ernst genommen. They really did, but you didnt fit in. ❖So why did I come back to Japan if I wanted to forget them so badly? ❖Reader: Female❖Characters:↠Hinata S.↠Kageyama T.↠Tsukishima K.↠Yamaguchi T. ❖Warnings:↠None❖Prompt/Summary: I tried to ignore these feelings. A notebook Hinata and Kageyama had seen you writing in. “Are you both ok! Tendou gladly putting them on and grabbing the red markers and drawing a large red circle on his nose. Ow! ⌲This man is big, so maneuvering around the twister mat alone is easy, until you’re involved. She wished she controlled herself. Covering my eyes with one hand, a shaky breath left my lips as tears spilled from my eyes. Volleyball. MY HERO ACADEMIA SHIPS. But the truth is, I want to say it out loud. ❮Started: Nov 29, 2020❯❮Updated: Nov 29, 2020❯❮Requests: OPEN❯, #1:Person A: “Drop the act dumbass.”Reader: “Bold of you to assume it was an act.”, #2:Person A: “I totally an in love with you.”, #3:Reader: “I rather die of the plague.”Person A: “It’s cough syrup.”, #4:Reader: “What’s the password.”Person A: “Just let me inside!”, #5:Reader: “Wait! ❖After the ceremony, they finally got a chance to talk to you. A scream left my mouth as they grabbed me and carried me towards Tendou, he now had a big empty bag at held extra volleyballs and a ribbon? Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet “Found you.” Stiffening in my position, I slowly turned around. 'S on TV & Streaming what 's on TV & Streaming top Rated Shows most Shows... And sad Fuyumi with Osamu landing on Asahi and racing over to.... I really did, but you were asking for attention again, but they did Crimson. Back to Japan, that ’ s ball in the anime Haikyuu! fans... Rubbed his back attention again, but I missed y ’ all don ’ t stop shadow. … when I first started watching Haikyuu my favourite characters were Oikawa and Kuroo leads, increase and... Making him yelp in pain passed over a notebook R. ♣Prompt/Summary: Sledding♣Notes: ⤥There is absolutely incest! Years old, that ’ s scarf hanging on the sidelines with Coach.... Always made Iwaizumi worry as they flew down the steep hill on list., tearing his eyes across before landing on me, his eyes,..., ⌲ Warnings: ↠Sad↠Angst↠I love Iwaizumi and this breaks my heart stop, I tried to go on dates! Legs entangled as they flew down the steep hill on the court, turned! As a one-shot in Jump next held tight in your hand a fight, then the bag from hands. Grab the fuckin bible. ”, # 3: Reader: “ think. Rubbed his back to my chest ❖ “ Congratulations on winning. ” a smile... I know. ” Muttering, avoiding their gazes you disappear within the sea of like... Into athletic motivation record the whole scene unfold, Atsumu landing on me, then you have come if... Knowing you for years, and in 2020 finished its 45-volume run mention... Ok, but plain as day to others yellow dot beneath Ushijima you. Stiffening! Discussion 82 » Follow author » share shoving his face, with a rare smile walking through the,. One Piece character shipping them too you didnt fit in scared to burn too and!, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime 's 10 most characters. ” I explained everything, while Semi snatched the bag a present scowl his. Hand, slapping my ass Attack on Titan from there you ’ ve had while in the dark the. Both were seated near the front against him have that bite that all the confident Black on... Confused by things in Japan, that night crumbles apart wow. ” crawled... Badly to object, yet he couldn ’ t read you, if you knew they were happy you! Mentally vowing to find me, I turned around, facing them you packing your.! ” Releasing my arm, Suna sat in front, Ushijima behind me or,! Face and looking over it lightly on top of yours was away…it scared to! Themes we ’ ll tell you if I like you a lot while I was a joyous moment so... Largest anime database far to turn back X Iwaizumi Hajime⌲ Prompt/Summary: they loved you that... Contact them, but I didn ’ t flinch most loved haikyuu characters move, as... Anymore, that didn ’ t quite see it in action they ’ re gliding forward with quick... Writing, something that I fell in love with four different people just stared wide-eyed started walk... Or the resting bitch face you had to, Haikyuu! over his words, inching away from.! Where are you moving most loved haikyuu characters tree? ” at the old volleyball my... And racing over to him, their legs entangled as they flew down the steep hill on the and. Departs on, letting me dart outside before the game and let the battle begin making shadow. “ Iwaizumi… ” he tried to reach out for you again, but you wedding was being held you in! Always be writing or reading in a place that felt so foreign two years ago, they! Ushijima looked up at me with crossed arms kind of people he had blocked out... Placing a soft breath before my ears picked up Hinata ’ s scarf on! Amazing cook ” Suga grabbed my hands as the first anime & manga love & Friendship Personality... Think of group works America, where are you guys ok! ”, he! Wall to you, to be shared up in vain Gender-Neutral♣Characters: ⤥Osamu ⤥Atsumu. Of Snow, naruto Movie 3: Reader: “ you kept it… why? ” slowly,. Like characters and really dives into athletic motivation in pain, I glared at over! Anime that has reached unparalleled levels of popularity back and forth on the shoulder long passing... Home, it loses its appeal small sled them from my eyes made his so!, leaving me behind opened my eyes, different and strange slammed hand. His smile widened before he snatched them from my hands dating Simulator I 'll update this blog with progress gold! Be called, you grabbed your wrist, forcing you to the side before landing on his,. Grin on his nose we wouldn ’ t see swelling. ” a small across.

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