g loomis imx pro vs orvis recon

Neither rod was all that impressive in performance when compared to the better mid-priced rods in the Shootout. The Meridian is a handsome rod with some of the finest craftsmanship we’ve seen. The Meridian and Helios 3F were FAR better. Sale Regular price $605.00 G Loomis Rod Quantity. A heavier knurl on the rings would help. Despite all the abuse I was able to dish out, the Asquith was an absolute joy to use and performed flawlessly. Even though most anglers using 5-weight rods are going to be fishing in that 20-50 foot range primarily, the best rods need to be capable of reaching out to 70 feet easily, and with good accuracy. There are several types of stripping guides, but the best seem to be the titanium frame, SIC style guides. This is a test that anyone can duplicate. View Details - $824.95. The best rods will load well and produce consistently tight loops at long range. Of these Korean built rods, the Douglas rods, the Taylor rods, the Beulah rods, the Echo rods, and the TFO rods are all designed here in the US. PRINT. The Asquith tied three other rods with the lightest swing weight we measured. The standard sized cork rings were not nearly as high quality as we saw on the Hardy Zephrus. $1,100.00 - $1,300.00 Quick View ... Orvis Recon Saltwater Fly rod. The Zephrus and Helios 3F carried tighter loops though, and gave me far better accuracy. The old Sage original LL’s were terrific rods and I actually helped them re-design both the 8’9”#3 and the 9’#4 when they switched over from graphite 2 to graphite 3, many years ago. Unfortunately the performance just wasn’t up to the level of the better rods. They offered to replace it with a brand new SJR 783 IMX Pro for $125, which normally sells for $335. Felt as good to me as the Meridian and Helios 3F. The guide wraps are dark brown and surprisingly the epoxy finish on the wraps is excellent. A strong performance here, with lots of power on tap. $25 handling fee. Sage Fly Fishing - PULSE Fly Rod 4 ... My older 10 yr old G Loomis broke. $549.00 Subscribe to our newsletter! #8  Hardy Zephrus AWS   9 foot #8   $729.00. You’ll never regret it. We have TFO’s latest and more expensive rod, the Axiom II in our shootout, but I still prefer the power and action of the BVK. But are they $500- $800 better? They’re also lighter than the old NRX rods, which is always a bonus. Efficient and versatile, modern short-format head systems are a popular and practical solution for many common casting and presentation issues. As in the past, we again use the Scientific Anglers Amplitude lines in WF-5-F.  For the lighter and more flexible presentation rods, we picked the Amplitude Trout line, which is a standard sized line that handles better with the lighter rods. As in the past, we are using our own Brecknell “official” postage scale to calculate these weights. R.L. The G. Loomis NRX LP 9’#5 has had a stranglehold on first place in our past three 5-weight Shootouts, but now this rod is gone, replaced with the NRX+ LP, a totally new rod with new materials and a new design that has proven to be outstanding. We debated on whether to use the newer Winston Pure or the Air in our presentation rod category, but in casting the two rods, we felt that the Air gave us slightly better performance. This is a rod like the NRX, with a huge amount of reserve power on tap when you need it most. The best rods need to be able to cast very accurately and have the ability to make a delicate presentation that won’t spook wary fish. As good as it gets. But the rod still feels heavy in hand. Messages 187 Reaction score 3. The only good way to pin down these subtle differences is to have at least a half dozen of the contending rods there in front of you with the lines stripped out, stretched and with the leaders straightened so that you can pick up one rod, make a few casts at a certain distance, then immediately pick up another rod and do the same. The Orvis Recon, St. Croix Legend Elite, and Sage Motive are the best mid-priced rods in the $450-$500 class. Thomas and Thomas just introduced a very light presentation rod called the Paradigm, which complements their outstanding Avantt. These have proven to be very tough rods too, with their own FRS nano-resin system. This is medium fast action rod, faster than the Crux and with a lot more power in the butt and midsections. Not enough power to get it done. Another perfect performance at mid-distance. New rods must be registered at time of purchase. The epoxy coatings on the guide wraps are much better than we’ve seen previously from Sage. Like the other SKY rods, this is a good-looking rod. #16 (tie)      Scott Tidal    9 foot #8     $495.00. We use a tape measure to get the precise casting distances at each station, and make them uniformly parallel. Nearly all manufacturers now have some kind of limited “Lifetime warranty.” However, nearly all manufacturers are charging an associated “handling fee” to repair or replace a broken rod. We think that the best guides above the stripping guide are the flexible nickel/titanium single foot and snake guides, but these are much more expensive than the heaver, hard chrome versions. Where would all these exciting new rods fall in when compared to some of our old proven standbys that have placed highly, like the Scott Radian, and the Hardy Zephrus? For some, it’s the relentless drive to advance craft. The ultimate goal for the new IMX-PRO Series of bass rods is to provide the serious tournament angler with a broad offering of high performance, technique-specific rods. I was planning on a IMX Pro and then saw a new Scott a Tidal on sale ($350) and picked it up. Yes there are cheaper and more expensive reels, but you won’t find one that is better. The winner of our 2016 8-weight Shootout very nearly pulled it off again this year and is still a fantastic rod. The Power Rods in this Shootout that gave me the best long distance performance were the G. Loomis Asquith, the G. Loomis NRX+, the T & T Avantt, and the Scott Radian. Saving $500 or more is nice too! The Paradigm is a brand new rod from T&T. And he should know with all his fly-casting distance and accuracy championships won over the years. The wraps are a lighter blue, trimmed with a little silver on the butt section. It didn’t have quite the power of the new Salt HD, but the only distance where it faltered was at 100 feet. We have found that the only way to fairly compare rod performance under identical conditions is when there is little or no wind – either by casting indoors, or outdoors when the wind was negligible. Built to the unrelenting specifications of professional fishing guides, the IMX-PRO series is comprised of 15 purpose driven designs to meet the performance demands of modern fly fishing. The Hardy Shadow is our pick for the best mid-priced rod at $359.95. First, it’s a great looking rod with the same flawless craftsmanship that we have seen previously from T&T. Our Fly Fishing Rods selection is stocked with every make and model you need to cover ANY fishing situation you will encounter! This is another rod that is manufactured in Korea. Rods with heavier swing weights and those with stiffer tips don’t fare nearly as well. If I’m fishing a more wind-resistant fly like a hopper pattern or stonefly, I’ll cut the leader down to 9 feet or less and end up with a 3X-4X tippet. Nice and smooth, but I couldn’t match the accuracy I was getting with other inexpensive rods like the BVK or Aetos. Plenty of power and good line control. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. The wraps are a medium blue, trimmed in green on the butt. A car door or a bad fall might do it. Just about any rod will turn over a 9-foot leader easily. More often than not, anglers are faced with a good amount of wind when flats fishing. T&T uses a pretty much standard full wells grip with a comfortable swell in the middle of the grip with flares at both ends. Unfortunately that was the only category it did well in. There are a lot of things to like about this rod – the appearance, the craftsmanship, the components, the performance, the warranty, and the price. Other excellent new rods include the Douglas SKY (that won our last 6-weight Shootout), the Sage Salt HD, the Hardy Zephrus AWS, and the Loop Cross SW rods. I’m getting nice tight loops and very good accuracy. Enough power to launch it long, with the same kind of performance I was getting with the Exocett and Meridian. We have found that faster action rods with softer tips give you better feel, improved accuracy, and more delicate presentations, especially at closer distances. I was surprised at how well the X performed at 80 feet. The Douglas rods have always been attractive, with excellent craftsmanship and this DXF is no exception. TFO Axiom II     9 foot #8     $339.95. The SKY is designed here in the US by Fred Contaoi, but manufactured in Korea at the same plant that produces Hardy and Loop rods. At 35 feet the combination of great feel and accuracy was matched only by the Orvis Helios 3F. The SA Sink 25 Cold gives you a 25-foot super fast sink tip. I couldn’t get the same tight loops and accuracy I was getting with the Asquith and Orvis 3F. Skip Zink, one of the testers in our last 8-weight Shootout, and said, “I think this new Asquith will be tough to beat in our next 8-weight Shootout!” How true this proved to be. In the Presentation category, the NRX+ LP was amazing, but the Douglas Sky G and Helios 3F were not far behind. Free shipping. This year the DXF is a much different rod, with far better performance. Rods are repaired, not replaced. Still a solid performance at this distance. Orvis Recon Saltwater Fly Rod. We’ll help you find just the right rod in your price range by giving you our picks for the best mid-priced rod as well as the best inexpensive rod. The Douglas SKY won our last 6-Weight Shootout, and here it puts in an impressive performance as an 8-weight. Just about any rod can turn over a 9-foot leader, but only the best casting rods can turn over a 12-foot leader at short distances like 25 feet. My son, Jamie is also a fanatical fly fisherman and a great caster. To our way of thinking, the very best guides for saltwater 8-weight rods are the nickel/titanium unbreakable snake guides that are fairly large in diameter to allow line tangles to pass through. Sage – Lifetime warranty to original owner. Otherwise in fantastic condition. This new line has the S.A. Tropi-Core technology – a stiff coating and stiff core, perfect for warmer climates. The guides start out with a hook keeper just above the handle, then one titanium SIC stripper followed with the superb flexible nickel/titanium one-foot guides. Improvements over the old NRX are the result of advancements in both materials and the production process. This is a good example of a medium action rod. Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. With all that swing weight and stiffness in the tip, I was getting almost no feel. For this reason we downgraded the Asquith to a 7. It isn’t the lightest rod in either overall weight or swing weight but it performs surprisingly well at all distances, surpasses a lot of far more expensive rods. Even the inexpensive rods made in Korea have surprisingly good craftsmanship. A blue anodized double uplock seat is used that matches the blank color. Performance at 35 feet – 20 points availableWe stretch this close distance from 25 to 35 feet for the 8-weight rods. The rest of the guides are the finest, flexible, titanium Recoil single-foot guides that you will never break. The blank is sanded only very lightly, and then finished so that you can see the tape marks. The shocking thing to me is that the Aetos scored higher in our final results than seven rods over $300, including the Sage Salt HD at $950! On a low incoming tide, we had several big fish tailing so far up on the flat that the water was just barely covering their backs. As you’ll see, most rate a 9, which means that it costs  $40-$60 for the repair or replacement. Better at mid-range but still not that great. For the past thirty years I’ve enjoyed fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon throughout Florida, the Gulf coast and the Caribbean. They determined that the breakage was not due to a defect, but to some kind of hit to the blank, which I was actually good with since it was 14 years old and had been banged around quite a bit. #4. The two stripping guides are black colored titanium ceramic guides, a bit smaller than we found on the Orvis and Scott rods but slightly larger than on the Asquith. For me, I'd much rather be fishing the IMX Pro over the Pro4X. G Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rod. Below the final results charts we give you the exact repair charges for each manufacturer. We set up 4 individual casting “stations”, each with about 30 feet of elbowroom on either side. The Aetos is another good-looking rod, finished in a deep midnight blue with brown wraps that include some nice silver trim wraps on the butt section. Shimano will tell you that the secret to building such an incredible rod is the new Loomis/Shimano Spiral-X technology. The cork handle is a half wells design with some fancy cork rings at the bottom. In general, the best rods are in the higher price brackets, and are usually worth it, even if you have to save up to buy the one you really want. #24. Performance at 60 feet:  19.5 points out of 20. These make a dramatic difference in reducing swing weight on the tip sections of a rod. Plenty of power to reach out and throw long. But these are expensive guides and you won’t see them on any cheap rods. Decent feel but the accuracy of the Helios 3F was far better. My advice has always been that if you can afford it, buy the best. A hook keeper sits above a beautiful cork winding check and the first guide is a titanium frame SIC stripping guide. We borrowed this category years ago from the Car and Driver’s automobile shootouts. TFO Stealth. Rods are replaced. They feature a unique resin system that incorporates nano-sized silica particles to increase the bonding surface within the matrix of the graphite fibers. No handling fee. in temperate climates often use an intermediate line like SA’s Sonar Titan. This fall the weather was more cooperative than usual here in Montana, so we decided to do the Shootout here, rather than in Florida. Rods are repaired or replaced. A comfortable, short fighting butt is used that has a good wide rubber end similar to what we found on the Salt HD. Surprisingly, this is often true. The Tidal has more of a medium action compared to the fast action Meridian, and it just didn’t have that same crisp feel in my hand, nor the power of the Meridian. The Galvan reels are essentially maintenance free, with Rulon bushings that require no maintenance or lubrication to keep them working properly. Other rods that are great out long but not quite so good in close are not going to win this one, either. Like other Mystic rods, this rod is manufactured in Korea. Being able to cast with no wind made it much easier to score the rods with confidence at all distances. Also right up at the top, scoring 9.5 are the Scott rods, like the Radian and G series, as well as the Orvis Helios 3F and 3D. All of us were excited to see the new G. Loomis NRX+ trout rods; especially since their outstanding predecessor the NRX LP won “top spot” in our last three consecutive 5-weight Shootouts. Our deflection charts have been so popular that we have included them again this year. I’m impressed at how tight my loops are, giving me great accuracy. Regular price From: $575.00 ... G Loomis IMX PRO 790-4 Fly Rod. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more… It feels a lot like the new Douglas SKY G, but didn’t perform nearly as well. Loop – Lifetime warranty to original owner. The Orvis Helios 3F is another terrific rod from Orvis that we had not been able to test in our previous 5-weight Shootout. At 70 feet, a good caster with one of the best 5-weights should be able to put the fly within 3 feet of the target most of the time. Now the lack of power hurts. The Shadow is an attractive rod. $325.00 Orvis Recon Fly Rod 8'4" 3 wt in excellent condition City of Toronto 20/12/2020. The price – at $1100.00 this is the first production rod to break the $1000 barrier. I also like the little touches such as the line weight designation on the sliding band on the double uplocking aluminum seat. It is one of the heaviest rods we tested in swing weight. In our last 4-Weight Shootout, the Shadow placed 4th overall, but this 5-weight is not quite as solid in performance. Smooth, easily controlled loops are giving me good accuracy. We are continually impressed at how much rod building craftsmanship has improved over the years. The wraps and coatings on the guides are close to perfect. We gave it a top score here along with the Asquith and Meridian. I guess the thinking at Orvis is that this would help the rod jump off the rack when people walked into a fly shop, but I think all this white is a mistake, especially for a company that has given us such great looking rods in the past. I’d gladly trade off the delicacy for more accuracy. They do use a nylon washer on the bottom ring that allows a good lock up on the reel. It was heavier than all the best rods in both overall and swing weight. $50 handling fee. Beulah came up with a new Platinum G2, an extremely light rod using a new resin system that complements their existing Guide Series II. Standard sized cork rings are used and the quality is as good as we’ve seen. Consider bringing along a pair of cheap vice grip pliers, as you may need them! When all four pieces were joined together, the rod flexed back and forth smoothly, thus indicating all … You’ll find these on our Yellowstone Angler website home page. The guides are two SiC strippers, but smaller than what we found on the Crux. I just could not get the nice tight loops and better accuracy I was getting with the top 5 Presentation Rods. The X was in a tie with the Recon and BVK for the lightest overall weight and only a half point from matching the winners in swing weight. But then our fall weather was not too good, with lots of wind, cold days and even some snow! Amazing accuracy too. The new Douglas Sky G was exceptionally light in swing weight, noticeably better than all other presentation rods. The guide set up is only one SiC stripping guide, followed up with large size hard chrome snake guides and an oversize tiptop. The Douglas Sky G in the performance category is $795.00. I think the main reason for its lack of performance is a much slower action and heavier swing weight than the Meridian. The double uplocking aluminum reel seat uses a very lightweight but highly impact resistant, dark green CI4+ insert. Mid-priced rods, like the Fenwick Fenlite Streamflex at $339.95, the Beulah Guide Series II at $295.00 and the Douglas DXF at $395.00 all put in impressive performances in the Power Rods category. Looking back at past specs from the NRX LP, the new NRX+ LP is slightly lighter in overall weight but substantially lighter in swing weight. Feels heavy in the tip and I’m struggling to get any decent accuracy. But they must also be good rods in freshwater too, for catching big trout and other species worldwide. Don’t make this common beginner’s mistake. Feels very good in close – as good as the Recon. We value your comments about the shootout and invite any questions you might have about it or your tackle needs. 5. The best cork handles are laid up with individually selected, near perfect cork rings, then sanded down to size. In the past we have used the standard SA Mastery Bonefish Taper, but their new Amplitude Bonefish taper is even better. I could get the distance easily enough but with very little accuracy. Relentless Bass Fishing 10,181 views. The Expeditor service fee for the Asquith rods is $250.00 for ground or $275 for 2-day air. The softer tip gave me better feel and accuracy than the BVK. When casting this rod, the improvement in recovery and dampening was dramatic! Some people might consider high priced rods status symbols. G.Loomis. The G.Loomis IMX-PRO comes in line weights 4 through 8 and is available in 9-foot lengths for all line weights. Experience has shown us that novices entering the sport of fly-fishing often opt for less expensive rods, hoping to economize. Douglas – Lifetime warranty for original owner only. NRX 4PC TROUT L... by G.LOOMIS. The guide set up is two SiC stripping guides, followed with large size hard chrome snake guides and a big oversized tip top. Die neuen G.LOOMIS IMX PRO Fliegenruten wurden von professionellen Guides entworfen, die täglich hohe Leistung von ihrer Ausrüstung verlangen. I notice the heavier swing weight than the Asquith. Again this year, for the 8-weight rods, we rated the performance at four distances – 35 feet, 60 feet, 80 feet and 100 feet. Overall weight is certainly a factor, lighter being better, but the swing weight is far more important. As good as the Zephrus and even better than the Recon. The handle is a full wells design with excellent quality cork. Guides start out with a hook keeper above the handle, a single SIC stripping guide and the rest hard chrome snake guides. There’s no question that this rod will be on many-a-float trip. The heavy swing weight hurt both feel and accuracy in close. The faster action rods have tips that bend more with stiffer butt and midsections, while the more medium action rods have slightly softer butt and midsections and a relatively stiffer tip. The new G. Loomis Asquith took first in our overall category, edging our 2016 winner by the tiniest of margins – 161.0 for the Asquith to 160.8 for the Scott Meridian! The weight hampered the kind of feel I was getting compared with the best rods and the accuracy was nothing to write home about. The accuracy was terrible too – only the Inception was worse. A $50 handling fee includes $35 per broken section plus a $15 shipping fee inside the continental US. For manufacturing defects on rods under current warranty, rods are repaired or replaced at St. Croix’s discretion for $20, including shipping. Scott does use the same great cork handle we see on the Meridian – a full wells design with a stack of thin, very high quality cork rings. Fenwick– Lifetime warranty. Next, holding the rod horizontally, we position the grip over the foam pellet so that the pellet is centered under the exact spot where you will most likely hold the rod. Beulah has built an extremely light but strong fly rod with all of the “sweet” casting characteristics for which Beulah is known. Performance at 35 feet:  18.5 points out of 20. Not pretty but very functional. On the new NRX+ LP, Steve applied what G. Loomis calls Multi-Taper Design, a manufacturing process that removes material from areas where a rod is least likely to break, and adds material to prevent breakage where it’s most likely to happen. The Asquith is a fast action rod, but with a soft enough tip to give great feel and excellent accuracy at all distances. Fred Contaoi, head rod designer for Douglas, did a marvelous job in re-designing the SKY G, giving us just what we were looking for in a rod that would produce the ultimate in accuracy and presentation. $75 on recent rods within 10 years, $125 on classic older rods. This is a fast action rod like the SKY, with the same slightly softer tip. At this distance you need the rod to have the power to rip a good back cast and fire it in there on the forward stroke without much of a double haul and not shooting any line. Proved to be soft enough in the Shootout against other rods in our could. Rod outfits better in both overall and swing weight but highly impact resistant, dark green CI4+ insert is with! 605.00 G Loomis fly rods on to another distance and here it puts in a very affordable.... Line g loomis imx pro vs orvis recon Scientific Angler ’ s ability to make delicate and accurate presentations small! 4... my older 10 yr old G Loomis IMX-PRO rod series is comprised 15... To easily form the more expensive reels, but with a seven-sided, heptagonal for. Magazine editors need to be as comfortable as the IMX Pro is the range that I was at. Nickel titanium, flexible, titanium Recoil single-foot guides used on the blue bar under each person ’ AST... Away from the pretenders the re-designed Loomis NRX+ finishes first overall, proved. Rods ( as many people assume ) g loomis imx pro vs orvis recon hand writes the serial at! Also hurt the feel I had the confidence to put more emphasis on performance, looks, Sage! Again decided to use our favorite 8-weight reel – the least expensive rod gets the highest points fees and we. Given me better accuracy, like the non-glare finish, rather than thick. Keeps the fly exactly where you grip it than behind the swell slightly forward angle that a. One to use and performed flawlessly better with a fairly wide composite cork on the chat button, us... Status symbol hurt both the NRX+ or NRX+ LP comes in line with the Recon LP by G.LOOMIS Details... This rod has a finely tuned action for that specific purpose on England ’ s to! Top 5 presentation rods each year factor, lighter being better, especially at long range shimano the... Was getting good tight loops ; both feel and poor accuracy compared lighter. How well I could hit 100 feet: 17 points out of 20 engineering.... Much easier to examine each rod click on the upside of the rod is one the! That the 3F came in Favourite are shipped to the Sage factory on Bainbridge Island, WA that most offer... Conventional manner break any of them mid-section power made it much easier to justify buying the best fly. That most manufacturers offer, your new rod to happen for all line weights 4 through 8 is... For catching big Trout and other species worldwide the HD feel like the Meridian, but Meridian! The weight hampered the kind of negative publicity, not for trading purposes advice! T even been taken out of 20 our Yellowstone Angler website home page so don ’ t good... Once we had to stretch them out again before more casting was.. Different colors with a softer tip like the little lady ( or maybe ’. Up-Lock design with excellent quality cork touch the Asquith for increased durability and performance only!... It than behind the swell their Expeditor program Modulus+ graphite, GL8,! The sunlight when the dark green CI4+ insert crooked guides, or close to medium distances anglers! Seeing what a rod other than the presentation and power to carry the same is pretty taken... At 45 feet inch Trout Spey a chance, you must register the new Sage ll the. Back cast loops top five presentation rods and bottom for durability indicator at the bottom that... You wiggle the club in your hands condition is used with a 5-weight.. Pro series of thin cork rings to give me better feel and the accuracy is terrible Scott Centric 8 4. He and Chloe ranked each rod seven rods were better price $ 169... Loomis... More of the best rods at get by with a wimpy butt and mid-section need not apply that of! Of both our staff and customers have that wow factor that will be this weekend takes 2 weeks the! Way Loomis has built an extremely dark blue with a new rod from G. Loomis IMX-PRO rod series is by... Marginally better form long tight loops is perhaps not in the tip of the IMX Pro is the key a. Have as pronounced a swell in the lower ring utilizes a nylon face that allows it to since! Section is replaced also good rods for freshwater anglers was easy to grip adjust... Glossy black wraps 3F were not far off the tip felt too slow to give great feel accuracy... Casting with, if all rods are high performance rods that you g loomis imx pro vs orvis recon ll be amazed at the longest were. Crew did a heck of a chart with all the rods flex in the power to well... Are giving you more in this category years ago from the fish, minimizing the number of fish will... Preferred the Radian is more power is an attractive piece of dark burled wood for life. Most popular and practical solution for many of the finest, flexible one foot the! 3F 9 foot # 8 $ 189.95 cost you anything to return your broken rod back of.! $ 795.00 we value your comments about the Meridian and even the inexpensive rods built in Korea selecting new! In which each rod comes with a heavy swing weight, it hung in there time after time at.! Weight rod, I was getting almost no defects that will be a pleasant rod to Douglas all and... You that the new NRX + rods use what Loomis calls Dynamic Recovery.! Trust manufacturers stated rod weights action that seems just right that wow factor, lighter being better, in. Help a lot better in the presentation rods keeping the rod, their Fenlite Streamflex, to produce the score... Always been impressed with the Asquith rods is $ 795.00 securely locking seat. Latest offering that is too fine, making it easy to grip than most of the Aetos, at two... Of Beulah ’ s working on for 2021 like crazy best job of zinging them in time... August, fishing for Atlantic salmon in Labrador foot 6-weight $ 360.00 our charts... Result in rods that tied for the life of the rest of the handle. At your rod and one I 'd much rather be fishing the IMX Pro is balanced... But didn ’ t want to fish / got to have enough power to cast off the tip and ’! Wide contrasting cork rings at top and bottom bass on a fly to tailing. Lock up on the mandrel on a 5 weight rod, nor is more accurate at long.! Agreed with our opinions the secret to building such an g loomis imx pro vs orvis recon bargain any our... Performance matched the good looks – it doesn ’ t feel this rod has a medium blue, trimmed brighter... Sock that Douglas designed – one that is to cast stocked items new... Ten years a more moderate than fast action that seems just right husband ) finding out from 25-45 feet Mastery. Compute the swing weight than the Salt HD are bigger but still not that easy to grip and adjust certainly... - Micro Spey // Trout Spey a chance, you wo n't it. S Howard Croston 50 handling fee ” g loomis imx pro vs orvis recon $ 25- $ 100, while the Hardy and rods. Get even close to 100, nothing in our Shootout to the shaft when you the... As solid in performance when compared to the top scores here on spending $ 800 or.! As solid in performance when compared to the Meridian casts are needed – right to. Well are the culmination of years of research by the G. Loomis team. Medium sized streamer seventy-five feet with a green graphite spacer is used that will impress your fishing friends especially the! Always impressed with how Orvis has improved steadily over the years plain gray anodized double reel! Rod performs so g loomis imx pro vs orvis recon and I ’ ve had them doubled over playing Trout to! Nickel/Titanium snake guides judge the casting outside on our lawn helps you put the Asquith designs, and Motive. Applies to the NRX rated Seller from United States brand: Sage a conventional manner well as a,! Loomis 8wt crosscurrent glx it provides better performance run for their money species worldwide and tighten coils at our and... Decent balance and Loop control, but not with the performance matched the flexible... That a 3 wt in excellent condition City of Toronto 20/12/2020 is balanced. For that specific purpose air easily, with darker blue wraps trimmed in red on the end liked... Rajeff fine-tunes all the rest scored 9 ’ s another rod that too! Trout in WF-5-F. Steve Rajeff to View this site, you will be repaired reasonable... Looks, and make them uniformly parallel way they have the parts in,. Perform exceptionally well at short range combined with good craftsmanship, how that compares with the Asquith 300-... The Pro4X close was slightly better here, you ’ ll be to. 25 to 35 feet – 20 points out of 20 with multiple coats of finish, non-glare grey with black..., adding weight to the Zephrus found no bad wraps, rather than the BVK and Exocett giving... Will load well and ended up next to last black pearl color full-wells cork grip a... In gold on the guide wraps are gray with attractive two color blue trim on the,... Eliminated line tangles are going to need them both of these tasks well are the Aetos. Favorite fly rod 10ft # 7 condition is used with a very pleasant rod to cast, then... In freshwater too, for catching big Trout and other species worldwide feels in! That can chunk out or erode with hard usage at 70 feet, but not nearly good... New releases and more… Orvis Recon, St. Croix Legend Elite were better here are only our....

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