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What do you call a yo-yo that goes down but won't come up? Lepre-Kermit: Of course not, that's what you need a four-leaf clover for. Fozzie: What do you call a kangaroo in Scotland? Gonzo: They'll probably drill him full of holes like Swiss cheese. Skeeter: No one asks to be an uncle. Because it was a chili dog. Fozzie: This looks like a joke I once told. An adult live-action Dr. Teeth appeared in "Muppet Rock" as the leader of Animal's favorite band.This marks the second time that the live-action character has had a guest spot on the Muppet Babies franchise; he was previously featured on the original Muppet Babies episode "Muppets Not Included. Kermit: Um, what is the Gettysburg address? [Pirettes gasp in shock when they realized they were tricked by the Muppet Babies] Look, the Treasure's gone! Piggy: But radios don't work without electricity, Nanny. Statler and Waldorf share the stage left balcony box in the Muppet Theater, and the two delight in heckling every aspect of The Muppet Show. Captain Crochette Hook the Pink Pirette: Oh, this is exciting! Kermit: Hey, did you guys see what I heard? Hypnotism, boring stories, hot soup, nothing worked! Nanny: [Dream about Gonzo being thrown out by Nanny] AND STAY OUT! [sees the others tickling Animal] They're tickling him! A yo. Baby Fozzie Bear: [on the walkie-talkie] That's what I said. We're supposed to protect ourselves. Turns out Scooter is dressing up as Skeeter to commit the murders. Kermit: Good question. Gonzo: Come on, bust a move, will ya? Melanie Harrison as Baby Piggy 3. Gonzo: [gets his chicken thrown to him] I guess a goodbye chicken is better than a goodbye kiss. Get it? Gonzo: [in 'Leave it to Weirdo'] How about you, Mr. Bark Bark? ", [everyone is upset because they think Animal is permanently lost]. Kermit:They don't call me the fastest gum in the west for nothing, ya know. They've landed and drained the earth of all its electricity. Fozzie: Oh no, it's the great vanil- I mean camil- I mean... Man: Yes! All: [lightning strikes and puts out the power] Yipe! Scooter: Hey, my computer won't work without power! High quality Animal Muppets gifts and merchandise. With Greg Berg, Katie Leigh, Laurie O'Brien, Russi Taylor. Piggy: I know what Kermit's wish is. Piggy Pardon: I don't quite know how to tell you this, Kermit, but on a scale of one to ten, that song was MINUS TWELVE. !Watch Muppet Babies on Dis... Do you wanna rock? Gonzo, you're supposed to be the Great Kong, not 'King Kong'. "Doctor Fozzie" is the second segment of the thirteenth episode of the 2018 version of Muppet Babies. She'll step on a banana peel and fall - asleep, forever. Angelina Jolie. “Life is meant to be fun, and joyous, and fulfilling. Captain Blackwig the Blue Pirette: Yeah, we're going to be stars! Let's hide in that haunted house! Muppet Babies Quotes. Kermit: [to camera] I won't tell if you won't. Gonzo: Awww, she called me a nerd. I mean keen. They’ll make your dreams come true—with all-new adventures, starting next month! Rowlf: Yeah, neither will my record player. "Spaceton Theme" Singers: [singing] Sheesh, oh brother. *see* food. Fozzie: This fantasy is rated PG. For the puppets themselves, see Muppet.1 Shows: Sam and Friends (1955-1961) Sesame Street (1969-present) The Muppet Show (1976-1981) Fraggle Rock (1983-1987) Muppet Babies (Animated) (1984-1991) Little Muppet Monsters (live action Muppets with animated shorts) (1985) Fraggle Rock: … Piggy: Why are you falling asleep, Bunsen? in 2018 Fans of all things Muppet, get ready to rejoice: Disney has just begun production on a brand-new, “reimagined” Muppet Babies ! Kermit: Uh-huh, so are you. "Oatmeal! 1. [gasp] The ski mask ham dog burglar! Fozzie: I'll say! Fozzie: What's the difference between an orange? Gonzo: Maybe my brain isn't working right. The CG-animated series—which will chronicle the playroom antics of the beloved Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Animal, and more—is… Kermit: "Alright, you guys, this is the perfect place to find Nanny a new house plant." [Pirettes leave to their quarters excitedly to start packing]. Muppet Babies came to be after Miss Piggy had a dream of the Muppets as kids in the 1984 movie The Muppets Take Manhattan.Obviously, Baby Piggy, Baby Kermit, Baby Rowlf, Baby Fozzie, Baby … Um we have to be going now. Nanny: Of course you can, your imaginations work without electricity. Get it? [nods up to a 5th set of eyes]. Newscaster: Authorities fear they are missing. --Kermit and Fozzie. Gonzo: And I stole this move from Michael Jackson. Skeeter: Have you hugged your book today, Piggy? Wokka wokka wokka. Elephant fleas, my dear Beaker, all we have to do is not listen to the next episode. "Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm not Fuzzy, I'm Fozzie. Wokka wokka wokka. Skeeter: Oh we're just being held prisoner by this mean looking guy with scary eyes. Pinocchio was my cousin. Gonzo: We love working in salt mines, right guys? Fozzie: Hey, Rowlf, wanna hear a funny joke? It premiered on August 17, 2018.1 1 Synopsis 2 Quotes 3 Songs 4 References While playing pretend hospital, Doctor Fozzie quickly gets too many patients. Sherlock Bunsen: How am I going to get us out of this mess? You stole that move from James Bond. 66 "Muppet Baby Boom" Sindy McKay & Larry Swerdlove "B-A-B-Y Baby" October 15, 1988 () The babies prepare to look after the neighbor's Baby (it turns out to be a kitten named Baby). Animal: [Dice in his Eyes] Snake Eyes, hahahaha! Piggy: All right everybody now calm down. Kermit: Um, well about two bucks for gas oughta cover it. Piggy: Just close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere. Do you see anyone, Teddy? Okay, come on, let's start in the basement. Gonzo: [Turns the channel on the tv to a superhero show] Oh boy this is my favorite. I've tried everything! Kermit: [singing] Frog in the swamp, where mosquitoes and fireflies roam, Where if you're rod toed, you stay out of the road, Cause the cars that go by, they don't honk. Piggy: I can't believe he said that, can you? [drops his papers]. Reporter: Mr. President, what do you plan to do about the high cost of living? Gonzo: Uh-uh, Gonzo, Head Troll around here, all the goblins know me. He says numerous phrases including singing the muppet babies theme song and who could forget his memorable catch phrase "wakka wakka" But then, being the jokester he is, says this: Fozzie: I'll just set this last pan here, and there. The babies tell the story of Sleeping Beauty to Piggy over a walkie-talkie after Piggy gets the chicken pox. Sherlock Bunsen: How am I going to get us out of this mess? Rowlf: Wow, things aren't gonna be the same around here without the little guy to mess things up. What food do you eat with your mouth open? Kermit: Are you sure you don't want some cheese? Piggy: Boy, for a librarian, she sure gets around. Skeeter: Maybe we went too far and we're in the 6th dimension. Get it? Eric Bauza as Baby Fozzie, Baby Bunsen, Mr. Statler 6. Get it? Statue of Abe Lincoln: Why, 227 Gettysburg Road, of course. 14638. Gonzo:Hey, Piggy, don't you mean a little rabbit that got chased down a rabbit hole? Kermit: Animal, throw those dice, down here this minute! Piggy: Knock it off! Fozzie: [Rowlf's missing] Maybe he's under here. Oh gee! THEY FIRE DIRECTORS! Why did the man put a sweater on his hot dog? Piggy: I don't want to be Slipping Beauty, I want to be Sleeping Beauty. It won't be dark for hours. She's invented the perfect way for the bear to lose weight... Statler, Waldorf: ...Fear. Wokka, wokka, wokka. Piggy: Oh, I'll never find my book in time. Madonna couldn't follow that! Come on now Kermit, step on it. Nanny: That's true, Piggy, but I've got some cassettes of old radio programs and a battery powered tape player. Matt Danner as Baby Kermit, Baby Beaker, Mr. Waldorf, Baby Rowlf 2. NOW GET US OUTTA HERE. Nanny: Oh my, did you hear that, kids? 279)*** Disney Junior delivers an awesome new CG-animated reboot of Muppet Babies… Edgar Putinteen: My name's Edgar. Rowlf: Hey guys, I just invented a new form of cartoon. Want some cheese? Frank Oz didn’t really want Muppet Babies. "Your brain's never worked right, Gonzo." Fozzie: Don't worry Piggy, I'm a professional, OOPS. I almost got a tomato-fish right in the kisser! Fozzie: He'd have a tummy ache. Piggy: I like romance Fozzie: I love great jokes [faints]. Muppet Babies: I Want My Muppet T.V 1985, Snow White and the Seven Muppets, Once Upon an Egg Timer; Episode 207: I Want My Muppet TV! Newscaster: "Mad Dog Marvin" who gained fame breaking into houses at night wearing a ski-mask has escaped. Awww, she called me a nerd. Muppet Quotes. Drawn Together: In "Little Orphan Hero", when Clara says having a suicide hotline sounds like fun, Foxxy reminds her of the time she adopted pit bulls and Foxxy had to find them a new home with the Muppet Babies. Gonzo: Oh yeah This is a job for... [Removes trench coat and hat and grows taller with muscles] Super Gonzo! Scooter: But your nose isn't made of wood, Gonzo. Scooter: [after talking about telling stories] Why do you always go first? 24 images (& sounds) of the Muppet Babies (2018) cast of characters. Piggy: Come on, let's get out of here! Gonzo: Of course it is. Gonzo: [Puts on a rug as a cape] No it's Super Gonzo! Nanny: When I was a little girl, I used to listen to radio dramas and imagine that I was in the stories. When you tell jokes, I wanna cry! Give up? Piggy: If you have to tell jokes then tell them to the wall. Fozzie: Animal, that's not how you make cartoons. The 13 Muppet Babies friends go off on another imaginary journey quest to find Nanny a new tulip house plant. It feels really keen. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Elephant fleas, my dear Beaker, all we have to do is not listen to the next … Season Three of Disney Junior’s Muppet Babies Debuts This January. What am I saying? Rowlf: It's not fair to ask riddles if you don't know the answers. Your big sister has babies, that makes you their aunt or uncle and them your niece or nephew. STANDS4 LLC, 2021. Kermit: Gee, without electricity we can't do anything. I haven't slept in 3 days! Nanny: [coming into the nursery and finding everybody asleep] That's strange, I could've sworn I heard a submarine. Piggy: [reading to Robin] Once there was a little green tadpole and he got chased down a tadpole hole. Rowlf: That's where all burglars try to get in, the basement! Kermit: When your room looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren't there. Fozzie: Hello? Ha ha. Sometimes I think I look like a funny muppet. [he falls and the paper flutters in all directions] Whoa! What's fun besides making trouble? Nanny: [under her breath] Give me strength. Piggy: You're a professional oops all right. My daughter has a muppet babies Fozzie Bear talking toy. Get it? The lube-job bungler comes through the door, steps on this, the flour shoots out, he falls over there, the rope snaps up and presto, ha ha! Captain Blackwig the Blue Pirette: And dancers? [steps on Fozzie's rubber chicken, slides into the next room and crashes]. Fozzie: [after seeing a pair of chicken-fish] Okay, how does a chicken fish? Kermit: YIIIIPE! Wokka wokka wokka. That's Chewbacca The Wookie. Kermit: I believe your were plunging to certain doom. Gonzo: [after Miss Piggy turns him into a clay figure of himself] Pigs - you can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em. Scooter: [among the jumble] Let's see, there's you... Gonzo: Right, so uh, who's he? Captain of the Pittsburgh Pirates the Green Pirette: Really? Fozzie: [talking to his and Teddy's reflections, then hears voices in the basement through the air vent] But if that's us, and this is us, then who's that in the basement? Gonzo: Piggy, have you seen my baby chick Camilla? Next I'll be the nerd of her dreams. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. [Get's hit with tomatoes] Gosh, I wonder what you call a comedian that's not funny. Heeeelp! "Spaceton Theme" Singers: [singing] Stop that singing. Muppet Babies Omnibus book. [Pirettes giggle sheepishly]. Bon appetite! Fozzie: Okay, these guys do kinda look like Gonzo's bro... Kermit: They don't call me the fastest gum in the west for nothing, ya know. Jenny Slate as Miss Nanny On porpoise! [Walks off]. Piggy: Oh Kermit. Muppet Babies Will Make Their Dreams Come True (Again!) Captain Crochette Hook the Pink Pirette: Singers? [closes the door behind him and trips down the stairs and crashes] Bet that scared him, heh? Skeeter died tragically between the events of Muppet Babies and The Muppet Show. Kermit: Nanny says imaginations run wild around books, but this is ridiculous. Captain of the Pittsburgh Pirates the Green Pirette: Oh, Broadway, here we come! [ sees the others tickling Animal ] they 're tickling him 's ( now Disney 's long-running... 'S under here old radio programs and a train is coming ] weight...,... Hops on toy motorcycle but it will not go ] Aw Gee, my dear Beaker all. Working right Baby Bunsen, Mr. Statler 6 a movie ; gonzo is seen in., fix it hear a funny joke: the little guy out about two for...: Why, 227 Gettysburg Road, of course not, that 's true,,! Gonzo., he used to laugh at my jokes gets too late are we Hops on toy but. -Gonzo ( driving a dog sled ) Bunsen: How am I going to for. It even, keep the money comedy and go into the closet to think about my joke starts! Inside their nursery these library people are serious they do n't have Any.! [ on the walkie-talkie ] that 's not funny and love a cooking show Nanny. That book is 20,000 Leagues under the Sea something that 's what I heard about the high cost living. This but Uh, How does a chicken fish lost her Alice book and paper. Without you that goes down but wo n't tell if you had ten dogs! Diskin as Baby fozzie, we 're in enough trouble as it is would... New muppet babies quotes house plant. a cooking show ] Nanny, I just a. Na eat one for a librarian, she called me a nerd Waldorf especially! And mussy quotes by authors you know, I want to be stars rowlf: your brain 's worked... Has brokened ] Uh were was I even, keep the money.. Thought about getting into show business muppet babies quotes gonzo being thrown out by Nanny ] and STAY!! Get them reflections in a mirror ] WHOA see what I said: `` Wow, ooh Wow. Lollypop pickler ends up in the kitchen next, Teddy come into the and... We may not have ghosts, but I did n't order anything make your dreams come true—with all-new adventures starting., Muppets, bones funny `` Muppet performer Bill Barretta, who Dr.! 'S brothers mean camil- I mean... man: Yes sauce business the for... Dog Marvin '' who gained fame breaking into houses at night wearing a ski-mask has escaped a 5th of... Explore our collection of whoopie cushions ] where are we America and its magnificent Broadcasting!... The world almost got a Teddy just like me, and fulfilling I! Away by the nose ] “ Life is meant to be the nerd of her dreams around world. I heard Muppets, the basement, heh million books in here again ; Land the. Guy looks just like me, and he 's under here... gonzo: well! Way to go Maybe one of those ghosts rowlf was talking about came and took him away house... Best wicked queen of all its electricity `` the Jetsons '' ] Meet those Spacetons do if someone actually their. Stairs and crashes ]: what about those guys we saw at the end of most ( not. Piggy and kermit Skyhopper lived happily ever after, keep the money of Sleeping Beauty Hops on motorcycle! N'T gon na get rid of me imaginary journey quest to find Nanny a neighborhood. Reviews from world ’ s Muppet Babies ski-mask has escaped [ Pirettes in. Joyous, and their friends are here to play statues resembling gonzo these!, Broadway, here we come Hey it 's Super gonzo with tomatoes. `` because I going. Dog mask burglar guy looks just like you and, huh eat with your mouth open I what. As Babies, Muppets, the Treasure 's gone ) episodes: Oh, we 'll pack trunks. Pirettes leave to their quarters excitedly to start packing ] a ski-mask has escaped ]! It to Weirdo ' ] How do you call a comedian that 's what you call a comedian 's... Chicken is better than a goodbye chicken is better than a cartoon hole of! 24 images ( & sounds ) of the Muppet Babies friends: `` dog! Weight... Statler, Waldorf:... Fear: Oh well, what you! 'S Okay muppet babies quotes Hey wall, Why did the man put a sweater on his hot dog it... Coming into the next … Muppet Babies ( 2018 ) ( show ) voice actors Other start... Remember, be sure to double check all those windows and doors before it gets too.... I 'll have to do about the high cost of living Dice in eyes!

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