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A recent illustration of the Bridge Worms made by Trevor Henderson. Enma Daio | Description. Goals The Fetid King | On Twitter, Trevor Henderson posted an artwork of the Bridge Worm with a larger, longer, and buffer appearance, calling it the "patron saint of dark places, of hungry life, of spotless bones". Dr. Victor Frankenstein | Grafton Monster | Hook Killer | Yeti | The Smile Room, Notable Legends Alle rettigheter reservert. Monsters | Roc | share. Iblis | Eight Feet Tall | Morgan le Fay | It uses a flap of flesh to trick prey (humans and small animals, but seen to prey on deer and ox) which has a fake 'face' that has small, black, tiny slits for it's 'eyes' and a small, but neutral facial expression 'mouth', which makes it approachable. Banshee | The entities' arms are long, at a recorded distance of 9 feet. An official diagram on how the Bridge Worm hides its real face. Madman Marz | Stolas | BRIDGE WORM. Hades | © Valve Corporation. Loch Ness Monster | A Horse At Night • A Winning Smile • Alien Ghost • Anxious Dog • Attic Dweller • Baby Bird • Bad Dreams in the Spare Room • Basement Wolf • Bellringer • Big Charlie • Bill Cipher • Bird Spider • Black Magic • Body Worm • Body-Of-A-Pig • Bonesworth • Breaking News • Bridge Worm • Camcorder • Cartoon Cat • Cartoon Dog • Chicken Ghost • Clockwise Jack • Closet Creep • Cool Guy • Country Road Creature • Cry Baby • Death and the Devil • Dental Training Dummy • Dinner Table • Disposable Camera • Dolls Body • Doorbell Cam • Dover Demon. Nanny Rutt | Download Mod Bridge Worm for MCPE for Android to have fun in this this cool and interesting worm mod for minecraft. Fouke Monster | King Arthur | Headless Horseman | Bunnyman | Greys | Antichrist | Mamlambo | Horsemen of the Apocalypse | Teke Teke | Description Edit. Underneath the flap, it reveals a horrific grin on its face with 36 human-like teeth. A-mi’-kuk | Bridge worm sighting real life. Waiting for their victims. Skinned Tom | La Tunda | Bloody Mary | Mares | Trevor Henderson Villains | Kongamato | The Man in the Red Room | Artwork of the Bridge Worm with a larger, longer, and buffer appearance and a more defined-looking face has been posted by Trevor on Twitter. Abilities Black Volga | by darklord2187. Guilty Parade Free… Judas Iscariot | Succubi | Creon | Black Monk of Pontefract | Creepypasta Villains | Xolotl | Basilisk | Credits to: elefreivih Found the real skin here In the photo, a large white creature with a sad face, laying on the ground, with its hands and its white face visible is physically seen. However, it has been found to hide under small bridges, supposedly using a safe house tactic to travel long distances without being spotted (However this claim has no evidence of being true). Beast | 2,421 views, 1 upvote. Peeping Tom | Spring Heeled Jack | Clown Doll | Kitsune | It has bone-like fingers, similar to humans but is far more flexible. Lord William de Soulis | Averesboro Gallinipper | Hydra | The Killer In the Backseat | Country Road Creature | It is named Seaveryer because in the name itself it sounds like it could slither and move around and bounce like how they move. ragdolldoodles. Members Mikari Baba | Monster, Bridge Worm Skeletons | Black Stick Men | Hoop Snake | La Llorona | It is possible that Bridge Worms take different forms, lose certain features as part of their aging process, or that this giant may be a subspecies. Mothman | Näytä niiden ihmisten profiilit, joiden nimi on Bridges Worm. Theories started spreading that the Bridge Worm will one day get out of its location and start finding victims at an alarming rate. List is in Alphabetical Order. J'ba Fofi | Later on, his final photo was found. Camazotz | Cockatrice | Poltergeists | Hairy-Armed Woman | Abhartach | Aye-aye | Groundhogs | Cirein-cròin | Grim Reaper | The Bridge Worm is a creature created by Trevor Henderson on August 14, 2019. Ajax the Lesser | Count Dracula, Common Legends 22,840 views, 14 upvotes. Tamamo no Mae | Sheepsquatch | Andromalius | Physical description Alle rechten voorbehouden. Fetch | Kali | Once the news broke, the question of what the Bridge Worm is started to spread. Angry bridge worm. Spiders | Sawney Bean | Pesanta | The nose is similar to a human's underneath the skin, proving the fact that the flap is its skin. Earth Tailypo | As their name implies, the Bridge Worms tend to lair beneath bridges and other overpasses. Description. Hags | God Of Roadkill | Bridge Worm waiting for his victims Bloody Mary (Halloween Horror Nights) | Devil Monkeys | Paimon | Tanuki | Asuras | Characters marked as Bold are Popular Characters. Coffin on Wheels | Belphegor | Martinez Dog Demon | In adult form, they become Highway Worms. Trevor has stated that the Bridge Worm will sometimes venture far from its nest if it cannot find prey and it will usually hunt at night and in abandoned places to avoid being discovered during its hunt. Angra Mainyu | Umibōzu | Foxes | His other creations include. Relax and kibitz world class players. It would always be in the same location, waiting for its next victim. Candyman | Giants of Voronezh | Homey the Clown | Black. Siren Head | Ame-onna | In the drawing, it is suggested that the Bridge Worm has a false face and that underneath its innocent-looking white face, hides its much more sinister real face (as shown in their infobox). Baal | Mackenzie Poltergeist | Kelpie of Loch Ness | Golden Cicada | Flatwoods Monster | UU. Many unnamed individualsThe Giants (Adult Bridge Worms only; possibly) Demiurge | Mephistopheles | Nain Rouge | Ropen | Indrid Cold | by SCP-173-Killer. He comments that the facial markings of the Worm's false face become more defined to assist in hunting as they get older, confirming that the artwork is of an adult Bridge Worm. share. Malsumis | Louhi | Samael | #bridge worm #bridge worm fanart #bridge worm drawing #trevor henderson #drawing #fan art. Wa Nyudo | Saul | Zombies, Demonology Legends

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