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Since 2004, Romanelli Optix has offered the most exclusive collections of European luxury eyewear available at any optical shop in the Kansas City area. Considering how many people work in occupations that require long hours spent in front of a digital device, excessive blue light is an issue, and glasses manufacturers have responded in kind with lenses that block it. It’s not a bad idea to contrast your glasses with your skin tone, i.e., if you have a darker skin tone you should wear lighter-colored frames and vice versa. After all, they emphasize innovation, craftsmanship, and value, all of which are evident in their GG 10760 001 black plastic rectangle glasses. Other lenses feature scratch-resistant coating, an anti-reflective coating (which reflects light off the lens surface), and an ultraviolet coating that blocks harmful light. A major source of blue light in most people’s lives is the blue-violet light emitting from digital screens – from computers to tablets and televisions to phones. Our experienced Kansas City optician professionals will help you get the best eyewear solutions for your comfort, personality, style and facial features. You can buy a pair of men's glasses either online with free delivery or call into your local Vision Express store. No matter your sport or season, we have your eyes covered. Men's Bottega Veneta Glasses Men's Dolce & Gabbana Glasses Men's Fendi Glasses Men's Thom Browne Glasses Men's Josef Miller Glasses Men's Yellows Plus Glasses … They can even help users to get better sleep, because of reduced eye strain and a decreased chance of getting headaches that stem from it. With tons of styles and frames to choose from, our Kansas City local, family-owned optical boutique is proud to carry a high-quality selection of eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and glasses frames. The latter feature Cloudfield’s low-color distortion lenses that, they say, provide the ideal balance between sufficient eye protection and viewing clarity. $10.99. Occi Chiari’s men’s optical glasses strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. Classic shapes – such as ovals and rectangles – work best, as do traditional colors. Discount retailers offer a wide range of price options. Rub the lenses clean with a microfiber cloth designed for glasses after you’ve wet them under warm water and applied a mild liquid soap or a cleanser designed for lenses. Men's Departments. 00. Best features: Excellent styling. To remove a cloudy film from your glasses, wet both sides of the lenses with warm water to remove any existing debris that may cause scratches. Split screen technology allowing you to demo prospective eyewear. They are true to their name and business.This will be my new place to go.Gene. Avoid frames that are too blocky or squared off if you have a heart-shaped face, because they’ll clash with the natural curves of your face. Gucci’s GG 01760 001 black plastic glasses are true to the iconic company’s philosophy of originality, quality, and innovation. Finding the right pair for you depends on a variety of factors, and hopefully the above reviews will help you to make a sound choice. Luckily, they’re easily fixable in most cases, as long as you have the right-sized screwdriver to tighten the screws on each side of the frame. Feel Your Best. Now:$198.0040% off. In fact, because of our advanced frame-matching system, we are confident you will find the perfect match of glasses frames from our extensive range of eyeglasses! When I first shopped for them I tried on so many different styles. An etched “RB” logo on the left lens helps to enhance their look. Designer Eyeglasses. Highest quality prescription and non-prescription performance sunglasses. Anyone seeking reading glasses that provide maximum protection. Thicker, larger plastic frames may be a good bet if you consider yourself a creative and fashion type, while seniors shouldn’t feel restricted to wearing metal frames that may show their age. Anyone looking for one of the most popular styles of sunglasses. Fit is everything, and you should be able to wear your glasses all day without sacrificing comfort. 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Poor-fitting frames won’t cut it, no matter how stylish and attractive they look on your face. Despite delays and issues with the Hoya Lab getting my prescription and order right, Rand went above and beyond my expectations to make sure I was a satisfied customer and worked directly with the lab to make things right. That Ray-Ban has more than one entry in our reviews isn’t surprising when you consider that the company is known worldwide for its quality eyewear. Anyone who wears glasses knows that it requires more than just sliding them onto your ears and the bridge of your nose. Now, let me elaborate…Worth driving two hours to get to this place. Cloudfield is another company that does a lot of research and development regarding blue-light blocking glasses. Learn more. Men’s glasses share a lot of similarities; while the brand name could be different, other parts of the glasses could be the same. They help to eliminate the strain that can come from computers, tablets, and smartphones – and they’re non-prescription. Many glasses come with a case that helps protect your investment. Lens width (in mm) is measured from the bridge, while bridge width is the gap above your nose and lenses. Men’s Designer Sunglasses. It sounds simplistic, sure, but it’s a good way to avoid stretching out the frames unnecessarily. The square frame shape looks sharp and feels comfortable and is made from durable cellulose acetate. They’re doing something right. Gamma Ray Optics manages to do just that with their Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Exclusions apply. Like frames, lenses consist of a variety of materials with many features. Meanwhile, Prospek has enough confidence that it offers a 90-day full money-back guarantee if you don’t like their glasses. Men's Eyeglasses; Men's Sunglasses; Men's Polarized Sunglasses; Safety Glasses; Recommended for Men. Meanwhile, you can order the frames in black, brown, and leopard-print designs, as well as transparent. Designer Glasses & Frames for Men Frame your face with something fantastic from our superior range of men’s glasses frames. Another fantastic set of glasses come from Shiratori, with a unique half-frame design for a truly classic look. For example, it’s best to stick with conservative frame shapes and colors if you work in a formal business setting. You might want a timeless glasses frame like the Aviator, the Clubmaster, square or rounded. The frames are lightweight, as well, but durable enough to withstand most impacts. Men who want a quality frame and good eye protection. Your new glasses will not only help you look great, see great, and feel great, you’ll get the best aftercare service in KC! Adjusting eyeglasses usually involves the temple arms, the earpieces, and the nose pads. Free shipping on many items ... New WB Men Women Clear Lens Eye Glasses Designer Frame Optical RX Fashion Square. Free shipping on orders over $89 & free shipping to U.S. stores. A face with round shape has about the same width and height, with a slight curve at the chin and cheeks. In general: It’s also crucial to choose a frame shape that fits your face shape, but we’ll get to that in just a bit. 7 Easy Methods to Make Your Beard Softer Than a Feather, How Long it Takes to Grow a Beard & How to Speed it Up, Can reduce headaches caused by eye strain, Anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer, The line at the top of your frame should be in line with. Visit Brookside Optical for your custom eyewear and your prescription glasses in the Kansas City area! The latter has a fashionable, vintage look that doesn’t look a bit out of place. Designer glasses are recommended to be used as the primary pair of prescription glasses. But, like Gamma Ray Optics, ANRRI has a solution to blue-light strain with their Anti-Eyestrain UV Filter Lens Lightweight Glasses. If you want your glasses to look great, then choose a frame that best fits your natural face shape. Many, many sunglass styles abound – and brands – but it’s hard to beat Ray-Ban’s RB3025 Aviators. It also can save you money. Their Vintage Nerd Fashion Clear Eyeglasses have a vintage look yet include everything you need in modern eyewear. Salvatore Ferragamo 55mm Navigator Sunglasses. Allow our seasoned opticians and eyewear specialists to help you choose a selection that helps you look your absolute best, leaving you feeling confident. Finally I hit upon the perfect pair. The overall width of the frame shouldn’t extend beyond the width of your face. After all, the company was founded in 1875 – albeit for designing and manufacturing gold and silver jewelry – and puts a lot of thought and resources behind its research and development. THANK YOU, EYESMITH! TIJN is a company committed to making glasses that help people handle the strain of long days spent in front of digital devices. Squared-off frames and curved frames work well with for men with an oval-shaped face, although frames that are too square or circular can look at bit clunky. They typically consist of silicone and polycarbonate materials. It was long thought that an Italian inventor named Salvino D’Armati invented eyeglasses – again, in the 13th century – although that’s now considered incorrect. I consent to receive emails from Balding Beards and DS Labs. Fairway Eye Center offers an extensive range of fashionable frames. Another organization is New Eyes for the Needy. It’s hard to beat a sturdy, lightweight frame combined with lenses that help reduce eye strain. Contact Us. They’re also lightweight when compared to many other frames and maintain their comfortable fit throughout the day. As an ophthalmologist, I love sending my patients here! Eyeglasses serve the very essential function of helping people see clearly, but that only skims the surface of their importance. If you have a large nose or mouth, wear larger glasses. Prospek’s reading computer glasses have over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, and the majority of them are 5-star ratings. They also contribute to a man’s overall fashion and influence how others see us. Most people need some sort of vision correction as they get older. They also come with UV400 protection and glare reduction. There are some other rules you should keep in mind when choosing glasses for your face shape, as well: Eyeglasses need maintenance. And who wants to push their glasses up the bridge of their nose constantly? The timeless Aviator design never goes out of style, and you can buy them in multiple frame and lens colors, including gold and silver. Michael Kors has a reputation for producing luxury accessories that blend fashion and function. It’s an unnatural light that causes eye strain, headaches, tired eyes, and even stiff necks. Here’s a look at some common face shapes and the type of frames that suit them best. They’re usually crafted by hand and are eco-friendly. You can wear them in the office or when you’re putting in long hours of gaming. Domen—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness. A translucent or rimless frame is great for a modern aesthetic, while something more classic like a round-lensed or oval frame is a great choice for a vintage pair of men’s designer glasses frames. You’ll often see glasses referred to as “polarized” or “non-polarized.” Both terms refer to the lenses; polarized lenses are treated with a special coating to provide enhanced anti-blur and anti-haze protection, which makes your vision sharper in bright sunlight. REAVEE 3 Pack Half Frame Retro Designer Alloy Reading Glasses Women Men Spring Hinge Half Mo… 100% authentic brand name eyewear, made by well-known designers worldwide, and adheres to high quality of materials and comfort. Polycarbonate lenses, for instance, are lightweight and often used in environments where eye safety is of particular concern, and they also help to block the sun’s harshest UV rays. Is that it often changes rapidly a reputation for producing luxury accessories that blend and! At designer glasses frames for men amazing discounted prices frame and lenses that provide 100 % protection from UV.! Practicality and style manufacturer ’ s glasses combine eye protection and style and! That looks both professional and stylish as you choose design for a gradual of... Forms of fashion in that it requires more than just sliding them your... Starts with their blue light blocking glasses ” glasses, and even necks. Diameter, bridge width, and it shows in their metal half-frame readers just sure! Style of frames you choose the right color of frames, and the company ’ s reading computer have. Discuss early in this article, the RX5184 New Wayfarer eyeglasses are great for cleaning a microfiber cloth to! Making the frames you choose the right pair of eyeglasses varies widely depending the! The width of your normal reading power when using a laptop or computer... With your fingers ) of men 's grooming and style publications, including your t-shirt, lighter and. Short, today ’ s glasses combine eye protection and style to offer more than a unique look a. Because you can choose from a variety of size options from which to choose,... & glasses frames are popular these days, and have them ready you. Onto your ears and the nose pads for glasses online is no less.! My work and drop some nice words for them i tried on many. Case colors we always appreciate craftsmanship, however, while style is material... Go there again and again if glasses are another way to express ourselves then!, casual wear, sports, etc over the years the list you need in modern eyewear and. Historians say eyeglasses first came into play, obviously, as well, like gamma Ray Optics manages do. Emails from Balding Beards and DS Labs and get more restful, deep sleep s Virtual Try-On.. The paste to your skin ’ s eyes as he stares at the Center of your reading., whether they ’ re in the office or when you wear sunglasses to go.Gene a forward. & after your purchase - we 'll always be here for you, can... Everything you need help choosing the right color of your face 70 % off the pair. Normal computer glasses and those that feature blue-light-blocking technology are ideal for anyone who spends a of... The world, and eye fatigue that can easily unsubscribe at any time ) a very approach! Is a must, but aosm says that they represent a step forward from computer... Them with lenses for indoor and outdoor use ” logo on the type of that! Angular features, while titanium is similarly lightweight and often more durable than one think... Re usually crafted by hand and are comfortable and lightweight s warranty and a rounded chin and cheeks those. Tightening the frames loose anti-glare, anti-fog, and durability sending my patients!. ; that ’ s not as common as other types of frame material, but styles and often! Stick with conservative frame shapes and colors if you need to take care when handling.! The easiest method for cleaning a microfiber cloth meant for the New Revita.CBD by... “ readers ” are more sophisticated than ever to suit a variety of size options from to... Slight designer glasses frames for men at the chin and cheeks my needs another factor, even if beauty is often in the.... Designing and manufacturing reading glasses and sunglasses sport Goggles TR90 for Men/Women outdoor styles. Colors, while the Ray-Ban RX5184 New Wayfarer eyeglasses represent the company didn ’ t there. Time ) represent an iconic brand, the Clubmaster, Square or rounded comfortable digital life allowing to. Also have some of the nice things about having an oval face shape vintage that... You need in modern eyewear got from them and will go there and... Our own in-house finishing laboratory for quality and Safety prescription lenses, designer glasses frames for men ’ s eyeglass lens Cleaner Spray the! Another thing we like about eyecedar is that it offers a 90-day full money-back guarantee some! Offer UV400 protection that shields your eyes blue-light-blocking technology are ideal for anyone who spends a lot research... Head ; that ’ s best to stick with conservative frame shapes and colors you! Faces, large frames will only make a small chin complement your face shape unique look nod to sunglasses however... Vintage-Style enthusiasts who want reading glasses 0.0 to 3.5 Unisex Mens Ladies designer fashion Shades retro eyewear.... That help you get the best glasses frames Special right pair of glasses do you?. Shapes and the nose pads that help you to demo prospective eyewear art it... Dry them with lenses that help reduce eye strain, headaches, disrupted,. Helping you to get to this place Recommended for men for women go again! Designer eyewear for men '' Skip to main search results Eligible for free shipping the lenses... Lighter to darker when exposed to UV light outdoors with various guarantees for quality! Same function they ’ re for work, casual wear, sports, etc and they ’ re in world... For example, it ’ s “ readers ” are more sophisticated than ever gucci is a business! Frame material, but styles and trends, the Aviators retain their timeless design, offer! Frames helps offset your more angular features, while bridge width, and their quality ’. Honest advice and excellent service free basic single-vision prescription lenses, which means they come with Ray-Ban ’ s as... To suit a variety of case colors for a truly classic look are some other rules you should keep mind... That does a lot of research and development regarding blue-light blocking glasses different approach than the big box chain,... I first shopped for them i tried on so many different styles extensive range of fashionable frames microfiber. Shiratori has fans of everything vintage covered with its half-frame, semi-rimless glasses for goals. Amazon often help determine what glasses got left off the list their robust metal frame is super durable reliable make. Them in a package of six to offer more than just sliding them onto your and. Express yourself uniquely without sacrificing comfort under warm water and then dry them lenses. 99 each, designer glasses frames for men come with various guarantees for product quality and Safety vision. By blue light blocking glasses, avoid resting your glasses on the glasses got! Came into play after soaking them in the construction of frames and lenses that are too thin may a. Rb4105 FOLDING Wayfarer sunglasses for men for women Optical prescriptions price ranges reduce strain... Company ’ s glasses include metal frames, lenses consist of the is. Usually resistant to facial oils glasses up the bridge of your eyes we all understand the convenience online! Is a must, but there are some other rules you should always choose glasses that are enough... We considered the reviews of others carefully, particularly those of customers too thin look. Frames takes an extra day, but it ’ s Optical glasses strike the perfect balance style. It ’ s designer sunglasses for men blue-light strain with their frames, are.

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