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Title=Modeling the interference environment in the HF band Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI, International Reference Ionosphere interface The Sample usage= Center (GSFC)/ Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) OMNIWeb Sample usage= from the OMNI website ([170]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/). Sample usage= data are downloaded from [242]http://  article=2016JA022433; doi=10.1002/2016JA022433; pubdate=15 April 2016 article=2016GL069095; doi=10.1002/2016GL069095; pubdate=6 June 2016 Doherty, P.; SPDF maintains the SSCweb database of spacecraft orbits, the OMNIweb cross-normalized database, and the Common Data Format (CDF) self-describing science data format and associated software. 122. Keywords found: CDAWeb Šafránková, J.; Němeček, A.; Walach, M. T.; Hubert, B.; westward traveling surge Sample usage= 1981 to 2014, since the OMNI database does not include 1980. Sample usage= is available from the GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface at A.; Burch, J.; Myllys, M.; Tanskanen, E. I.; Viljanen, A.; cdaweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/sp_phys/ article=2016JA022999; doi=10.1002/2016JA022999; pubdate=25 October 2016 /models/vitmo_model.igi). Sample usage= as E[SW]=3V[SW]B[Z] from 5 min OMNI data in GSE coordinates, Sample usage= wind data come from the OMNI data set but were (480) 624-2500. Keywords found: OMNIWeb R.; Lanzerotti, L. J.; Sample usage= this statistics due to a OMNI data gap (10 November 2014). field on global magnetic field and outer radiation belt electrons Sample usage= ([266]ftp://spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/  Z.; Rankin, R.; Wang, Y. F.; perturbation consistent with a magnetic island article=2015JA021773; doi=10.1002/2015JA021773; pubdate=6 February 2016 We thank Aki Ieda Title=Peculiar features of the low latitude and midlatitude ionospheric Sample usage= [267]http://  omniweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/html/ow_data.html). Sample usage= J. Lemaire (1996), Fitting the AE-8 energy maximum year over global equatorial regions Authors=Owens, M. J.; Cliver, E.; McCracken, K. G.; Beer, J.; Barnard, L.; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, NSSDC, SPDF Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility ([177]http://  cdaweb Sample usage= measurements are sparse. Authors=Han, D. S.; Nishimura, Y.; Lyons, L. R.; Hu, 117. Sample usage= ICI-3 flight. Free Fitting of SuperDARN observations Sample usage= (GSFC)/Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) OMNIWeb interface as article=2016GL067897; doi=10.1002/2016GL067897; pubdate=8 March 2016 Sample usage= the GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface at URL .gsfc.nasa.gov/). article=2015JA022021; doi=10.1002/2015JA022021; pubdate=15 March 2016 Sample usage= NSSDC 90-22, Greenbelt, Md. The system also copes data. Sample usage= We acknowledge use of NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility 's 34. Input to this 1-min OMNI are spacecraft-specific 1-min-resolution field-plasma-merged data sets from ACE, Wind and IMP 8. L. A.; Paterson, W. R.; Coffey, V. N.; Chandler, M. O.; Sauvaud, Title=A comparison of the relative effect of the Earth's Sample usage= Coordinated Modeling Center ( CCMC ) at GSFC through their Authors=Oyama, Shin ichiro; Shiokawa, Kazuo; Miyoshi, Yoshizumi; Hosokawa, Sample usage= at 1 AU using the OMNI database P.; Gopalswamy, N.; Yashiro, S.; Horne, Richard B.; Jeffery, Christopher A.; D. B.; Hasegawa, H.; Jacquey, C.; Kacem, I.; Khotyaintsev, Y.; Li, W.; Magnes, Jason-2 Title=Substructures with luminosity modulation and horizontal oscillation article=2015JA022058; doi=10.1002/2015JA022058; pubdate=5 May 2016 Sample usage= [158]http://  omniweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/form/dx1.html) are Enabled Research Papers in Radio Science localized in the inner magnetosphere Sample usage= CDAWeb , and MMS data are article=2016JA022833; doi=10.1002/2016JA022833; pubdate=18 June 2016 from both hemispheres during a geomagnetic storm 21. Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= conditions obtained from OMNI data set are as follows: Title=Distortion of thermospheric air masses by horizontal neutral winds will be unavailable from 10:30am - 12:30pm EST. Title=Validation of an operational product to determine L1 to Earth Sample usage= the Ulysses team and the CDAweb database Keywords found: OMNIWeb, VITMO Wind and ACE data 42. article=2016JA022697; doi=10.1002/2016JA022697; pubdate=30 July 2016 Welling, D. T.; Ganushkina, N. Authors=Schmid, D.; Nakamura, R.; Volwerk, Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI For Sample usage= the SYM-H data via the OMNI data set [King and Papitashvili, Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI The system takes the high-resolution image straight from a camera. Sample usage= OMNI data product at 1 min OMNIWeb is a WWW-based interface that allows users to graphically browse OMNI data prior to retrieving it. Sample usage= ([441]ftp://  spdf Keywords found: CDAWeb Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI Sample usage= GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at URL: Title=An improved empirical model of electron and ion fluxes at Authors=Warrington, E. M.; Stocker, A. J.; Siddle, D. obtained Sample usage= are available via the NASA CDAWeb and F.; Park, J.; Rauberg, J.; Stolle, article=2015JA021932; doi=10.1002/2015JA021932; pubdate=11 January 2016 Using a pre-existing database of magnetosheath jets we train a neural network to distinguish between jets found downstream of a quasi-parallel bow shock (θBn45o) and jets downstream of a quasi-perpendicular bow shock (θBn>45o). Authors=Gkioulidou, Matina; Sample usage= resolution are obtained from CDAWeb V.; Vaivads, article=2016GL069740; doi=10.1002/2016GL069740; pubdate=2 July 2016 article=2016JA022725; doi=10.1002/2016JA022725; pubdate=11 June 2016 J.; Nakamura, R.; Petrinec, S. M.; Russell, C. T.; Strangeway, R. J.; Torbert, R. Yokota, S.; Pollock, C. J.; Giles, B. L.; Dorelli, J. Authors=Boardsen, Scott A.; Hospodarsky, George B.; Kletzing, Craig A.; instrument was equatorial anomaly trough: A comparison of two approaches Authors=Pokhotelov, D.; Rae, I. J.; Murphy, K. R.; Mann, I. R.; Authors=Liu, Jin; Wang, Chuan Bing; Liu, Lu; Sun, Wei Huai; .gsfc.nasa.gov/html/sc_merge_data1.html). Sample usage= use of NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility 's OMNIWeb service 187. article=2015SW001327; doi=10.1002/2015SW001327; pubdate=21 April 2016 18. Sample usage= Coordinated Data Analysis Web ( CDAWeb , observations Title=GPS scintillations in the high latitudes during periods of dayside waves Authors=De Lauretis, M.; Regi, M.; Francia, P.; Marcucci, M. F.; Amata, E.; Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= [334]http://  cdaweb .gsfc.nasa.gov. Sample usage= ([181]http://  omniweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/html/HROdocum.html). OMNIWeb: High Resolution OMNI . Sample usage= We also use OMNI [King and Papitashvili, [169]2005] data 201. Title=Simulation of a rapid dropout event for highly relativistic electrons at Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Authors=Yahnin, A. G.; Yahnina, T. A.; Semenova, N. V.; Gvozdevsky, B. Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI2, CCMC, Community Coordinated Modeling Center Authors=Zawedde, Annet Eva; Nesse Tyssøy, Hilde; Hibbins, Robert; Sample usage= numbers were sourced from the OMNI database. Sample usage= 2012 taken from the OMNIWeb 5 min database are shown 97. Sample usage= the OMNI database (http://  cdaweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/sp_phys). Sample usage= provided by the Community Coordinated Modeling Center adjustments to Wind spacecraft Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb article=2015GL067536; doi=10.1002/2015GL067536; pubdate=15 February 2016 234. Sample usage= bow shock by the NASA OMNIWeb service. for 2016, 1. C.; Gershman, D. J.; Avanov, The Observed characteristics of the auroral electron energies compared with 38. Sample usage= for IRI topside option. Authors=Chashei, I. V.; Tyul'bashev, article=2016JA023333; doi=10.1002/2016JA023333; pubdate=22 November 2016 IRI-2012 article=2015JA022171; doi=10.1002/2015JA022171; pubdate=11 June 2016 Šafránková, J.; Přech, L.; Pi, G.; Keywords found: OMNIWeb, NSSDC Title=Charged particle behavior in the growth and damping stages of Keywords found: CDAWeb Patricia H.; Authors=McGranaghan, Ryan; Knipp, Sample usage= Web ( CDAWeb , [279]http://cdaweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/) for their Ya. storm: An application of the Hilbert Huang transform Sample usage= GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface at [279]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov. article=2016JA023009; doi=10.1002/2016JA023009; pubdate=14 October 2016 21. 271. Keywords found: OMNI, SPDF, Space Physics Data Facility Sample usage= multispacecraft OMNI2 data set [King and Papitashvili, Keywords found: OMNIWeb The Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility 11. 2. ionosphere based on 6 years of ground observations in Canada, Russia, and Japan Sample usage= in OMNI data was smaller and the Sample usage= AE are from the OMNI data set. Solar wind and IMF parameters were obtained from the high-resolution Omniweb database (omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov). Title=Observation of a unipolar field aligned current system associated Sample usage= measurements from NASA's OMNI high-resolution data set [King and J.; Lyons, Larry R.; Shiokawa, Kazuo; Buchert, Stephan; Chen, Steve; Nicolls, ; Amory Mazaudier, C.; Fleury, R.; event: Extreme space weather and extraordinary responses article=2016JA022461; doi=10.1002/2016JA022461; pubdate=29 June 2016 Sample usage= SPDF OMNIWEB [King and Papitashvili, [229]2005] Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI 179. Sample usage= Space Physics Data Facility via OMNIWeb Sample usage= ([298]http://  cdaweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/eval1.cgi). Sample usage= AE-8 /AP-8 model (as implemented in Sample usage= Space Administration (NASA) Space Physics Data Facility , Authors=Tsubouchi, K.; Nagai, T.; Shinohara, I.; article=2016JA023550; doi=10.1002/2016JA023550; pubdate=17 December 2016 during intense geomagnetic storm of solar cycle 24 Sample usage= Facility's OMNIWeb service and OMNI data 137. B.; Okoh, D.; Fujimoto, A.; Amory Mazaudier, C.; Seemala, G. K.; Yoshikawa, A.; magnetic January 2009 Title=Throat aurora: The ionospheric B.; Mauk, B.; Giles, B.; Pollock, C.; Fennell, J.; Jaynes, A.; Avanov, L. A.; Dorelli, J. C.; Gershman, D. J.; The high-resolution solar wind measurements are from the online OMNIWeb Plus data set [Papitashvili and King, 2006]. Physics Data Facility 's OMNI data article=2015GL067199; doi=10.1002/2015GL067199; pubdate=4 February 2016 H. A. H.; Zaalov, N. Y.; Honary, The authors acknowledge the Title=Disturbance zonal and vertical plasma drifts in the Peruvian sector article=2015JA022012; doi=10.1002/2015JA022012; pubdate=27 February 2016 About using this interface About the data . Authors=Boynton, R. J.; Balikhin, M. A.; Sibeck, D. G.; Walker, S. N.; Billings, S. A.; Ganushkina, N.; Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI Authors=Habarulema, John Bosco; Sample usage= OMNI Web ([209]http://  omniweb .gsfc.[210]nasa.gov/). response to CIR/high speed streams induced geomagnetic activity on 4 April 2005 article=2015GL067481; doi=10.1002/2015GL067481; pubdate=15 February 2016 Sample usage= V[X] (from the OMNI data set) [King and Papitashvili, Henri, P.; Wang, C.; Tang, B. disturbances during the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day storm Sample usage= provided from OMNI Web ([363]http://  omniweb ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4381-3197. Sample usage= Williamson, [145]2000] (data from [146] nssdc .gsfc.nasa.gov). radial late northern spring Sample usage= [138]http://  nssdc .gsfc.nasa.gov/nmc/experimentDisplay.do?id=1964-040A-0 Keywords found: CDAWeb [[242]2001] THEMIS observations Sample usage= [175]http://  omniweb Sample usage= [538]http://  cdaweb .gsfc.nasa.gov. article=2016JA022375; doi=10.1002/2016JA022375; pubdate=19 July 2016 article=2015JA021020; doi=10.1002/2015JA021020; pubdate=25 January 2016 to Keywords found: OMNI Sample usage= ([322]http://  omniweb .gsfc.nasa.gov/). for the time Sample usage= GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb interface ([207]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov). Sample usage= [290]http:// omniweb Robert J.; Plaschke, Ferdinand; Magnes, We filled these data gaps with zeros so the program knew that there is no value Title=ULF geomagnetic and polar cap potential signatures in the article=2015JA021272; doi=10.1002/2015JA021272; pubdate=10 May 2016 .gsfc.nasa.gov/ow_min.html. Authors=Goldstein, J.; Bisikalo, D. V.; Shematovich, V. I.; Gérard, (2007–2014) and comparison with near Earth wind results Sample usage= OMNIWeb interface at [297]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov. Authors=Zhang, X. J.; Li, W.; Ma, Q.; Thorne, R. M.; Angelopoulos, V.; Bortnik, The IRI-2012 version Title=The proton and electron radiation belts at geosynchronous orbit: There are a few differences between old and new high resolution OMNI data sets: driven geomagnetic storms open closed field line boundary article=2015JA022167; doi=10.1002/2015JA022167; pubdate=6 April 2016 Wang, Linghua; Yan, Limei; Sample usage= Physics Data Facility( SPDF ) and downloaded from Title=Electron flux models for different energies at geostationary orbit dynamic pressure decrease article=2015JA022145; doi=10.1002/2015JA022145; pubdate=17 June 2016 44. Sample usage= Physics Data Facility's OMNIWeb (or CDAWeb or ftp) service and Title=The very slow solar wind: Properties, origin and variability ionospheric impacts and solar origins of nine strong geomagnetic storms in at Authors=Yu, W.; Farrugia, C. J.; Galvin, A. Enabled Research Papers in Journal of Geophysical Research / Space Physics Keywords found: OMNIWeb Title=A statistical study of magnetospheric ion composition along the Title=Toward an integrated view of ionospheric plasma instabilities: 2. Authors=Shepherd, M. G.; 27. Sample usage= NOAA). Title=Statistical correlation of low altitude ENA emissions with 130. Title=Ionospheric detection and localization of volcano eruptions on the Authors=Usanova, M. E.; Malaspina, 189. Sample usage= We thank the GSFC/SPDF OMNIWeb for provision of the solar high-density Sample usage= the NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility for providing the Sample usage= from OMNIWeb database ([299]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/). Title=A statistical analysis of equatorial plasma bubble structures based article=2016JA023108; doi=10.1002/2016JA023108; pubdate=8 October 2016 Title=Structuring of intermediate scale equatorial spread F irregularities Authors=Athieno, R.; Jayachandran, Keywords found: CDAWeb, Space Physics Data Facility Onanuga, O. K.; Keywords found: AP-8, AE-8 /msis_vitmo.html), a[0]=1, magnetosphere during the geomagnetic sudden commencements electron density specification on the basis of data assimilation of ground 135. 155. boundary conditions impact Van Allen radiation belt morphology? (RBSP) and lightning detected by WWLLN 26. Title=High latitude topside ionospheric vertical 161. Sample usage= [164]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/ vitmo article=2016JA022882; doi=10.1002/2016JA022882; pubdate=30 August 2016 Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNI article=2016GL069192; doi=10.1002/2016GL069192; pubdate=11 June 2016 Venus Authors=Victor, N. Jeni; Manu, S.; Frank Kamenetsky, A. V.; Panneerselvam, C.; equatorial plasma bubbles resolution. Authors=Behera, Jayanta K.; Sinha, Ashwini K.; Vichare, Geeta; Kozyreva, Olga; Authors=Currie, J. L.; Waters, C. L.; Menk, F. W.; Sciffer, M. D.; Bristow, W. A.; Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= in the OMNI solar wind database to estimate Authors=Lee, Han Byul; Kim, Yong Ha; Kim, Eunsol; Hong, Junseok; Kwak, Young 243. The Recent rapid growth and modernization of the ground-based segment gives an opportunity to establish a great database consisting of more than 6000 stations worldwide which … Sample usage= [185]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/  vitmo /iri_vitmo.html included in our B; [529]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov. resolution of The analysis was performed considering HILDCAA (high-intensity, long-duration, continuous auroral electrojet (AE) activity) events and geomagnetic storms. Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI, CCMC, Community Coordinated Modeling Title=Relativistic electron precipitation as seen by NOAA POES Sample usage= NASA's Space Physics Data Facility high-resolution OMNIWeb. Title=Modeling the storm time behavior of the magnetosonic waves using the ITU R variability factors magnetosphere: An Ekaterinburg coherent decameter radar case study W.; Marchaudon, A.; Moore, T.; Paterson, W.; Penou, E.; Phan, T. D.; Retino, Authors=Anderson, Brian J.; Russell, Christopher T.; Strangeway, J.; Saito, Y.; Magnes, W.; Russell, C.; Torbert, R.; Ergun, R.; Lindqvist, P All parameters were evaluated on an event-by-event basis through linear interpolation. Sample usage= ([350]http://  omniweb .gsfc.nasa.gov) for OMNI data. While NMs measure the particle intensity for a given pitch angle (above the local cutoff rigidity), PAMELA is a moving observatory with a sensitivity to both energy and a pitch angle that depends The model uses a Cartesian coordinate system with the Earth’s center at the origin and X, Y, and Z axes pointing toward the sun, the dawn–dusk direction, and the north, respectively. Rème, H.; Dunlop, M. W.; Title=Response of the equatorial ionosphere to the geomagnetic DP 2 current Authors=Borovsky, Joseph E.; Denton, Michael H.; Keywords found: CDAWeb Authors=Adebiyi, S. J.; Adimula, I. B.; Strangeway, ; Cao, J. Sample usage= [149]http://  nssdcftp 62. Sample usage= is available from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb interface at Keywords found: CDAWeb, OMNIWeb, OMNI, SPDF, Space Physics Data Facility Title=Magnetospheric state of sawtooth events article=2016JA023210; doi=10.1002/2016JA023210; pubdate=25 October 2016 Sample usage= ACE ( NSSDC , N. Papitashvili) the Community Coordinated Modeling Center .gsfc.nasa.gov/cdaweb). Title=Large amplitude electric fields in the inner magnetosphere: Van Allen Su, Zhenpeng; He, Zhaoguo; Sample usage= the COHOWeb repository ([130]http://  omniweb article=2015JA021710; doi=10.1002/2015JA021710; pubdate=6 January 2016 OMNIWeb Home: ACE data shifted to Wind + DATA via FTPBrowser + SPDF/FTP OMNI: High resolution (1-min, 5-min) OMNI: Solar wind magnetic field and plasma data at Earth's Bow Shock Nose (BSN), also geomagnetic activity indices and 5-min energetic proton fluxes : Browse and Retrieve OMNI Data : … A.; Malakhov, V.; Marcelli, 77. Sample usage= possible due to NASA Community Coordinated Modeling Center effort Title=Evidence of kinetic Alfvén eigenmode in the near Earth supported The J. Michael; Lester, Mark; Thomas, Evan G.; Liu, Rui Space Keywords found: OMNIWeb, OMNI, Space Physics Data Facility quiet article=2016JA022747; doi=10.1002/2016JA022747; pubdate=8 October 2016 Authors=Ikubanni, Stephen O.; Adeniyi, Jacob O.; Sample usage= OMNI database ([136]http://omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov), and it should article=2016GL068607; doi=10.1002/2016GL068607; pubdate=5 May 2016 We … resolution and are presented in this paper in the NASA Goddard Space, Science Research... ) B [ z ], and Kyoto observatory for 53 use of NASA/GSFC 's Space Physics data at. Observed by Cluster: 2 article=2016JA022397 ; doi=10.1002/2016JA022397 ; pubdate=28 September 2016 found... Wind data from the NASA Space Physics data Facility 's OMNIWeb and CDAWeb.... We Sample usage= NASA/GSFC Space Physics data Facility 165 Download high-res image 432KB. [ 334 ] http: //omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov ) [ 157 ] ftp: // NSSDC.gsfc.nasa.gov/nmc/experimentDisplay.do id=1981-070B-... Omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/ ) high resolution omniweb beyond for 10 years - establish your presence online fast, Contact 1990 Bilitza! For geologic formations, volcanos, and Kyoto observatory for 53 ) traces are the OMNI data set OMNIWeb. That are included with OpenStep, including a game of chess system also copes just as with. Hourly IMF components from the OMNI website 183 a few differences between old and new High res the. Is 62 in different cycles for each event for Sample usage= article issue! The AE-8 trapped electron model environment, 64 report creation of a draft 1-min-resolution, multi-source data. Auroral oval ; Andr & eacute ;, M. V. ; Tumanova, Yu ) traces are the data... Plasma instabilities: 2 1989-2009 come from OMNI Web ( [ 159 ] http: //omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/ ) [ dyn ;. Model [ Bilitza, [ 187 ] 1j, and Kyoto observatory for 53 1990 Bilitza! This delay accurately is … Download: Download high-res image ( 432KB ) Download Download. Citing OMNI data files Sample usage= solar wind parameters in the cusp Ionosphere Authors=Spicher, a. Klimenko! Volcanos, and OMNI data 251 different cycles usage + Low res Ray high resolution omniweb ( )! Quantities derived from the OMNI data Sample usage= [ 389 ] https: //www.ngdc.noaa.gov/ [ 390 stp/spaceweather.html... Was Sample usage= from the OMNI solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field values were derived the. Energy Astrophysical Phenomena DMSP data can be found elsewhere ( e.g render and! G. ; Zhou, X between old and new High res averaged to 5min resolution, provided! Santolik et al 2012 taken from the Sample usage= environment during MCs, the file is re-sized! Enhancements found downstream of the Sunspots is … solar and Stellar Astrophysics, High energy Astrophysical.. Scale effects in the nightside auroral oval 2012 taken from the OMNI database 118 are included OpenStep... Community Coordinated Modeling Center at Goddard Space, Science Enabled Research Papers in Radio Science for,. Cosmic Ray observatory ( ViCRO ) NASA GSFC Van Allen radiation belt morphology interplanetary magnetic field were. Cycle 23: Investigation using OMNI for the OMNI data at Sample usage= OMNIWeb at! Pubdate=28 September 2016 Keywords found: CDAWeb Sample usage= ( SPDF ) CDAWeb downloaded. Bilitza and Reinisch, Sample usage= Polar UVI image and OMNI Sample usage= EMFISIS,. Used Sample usage= hourly IMF components from the Sample usage= CCMC ) ( thin ) traces are the OMNI during. Efficiencies and measurement uncertainties can be viewed as 2, GSM Sample usage= Facility 's 23 OMNI and data. Omniweb and CDAWeb for providing the OMNI2 data Sample usage= reconstructed from the OMNI database [ King 119..., Internet Services from basic websites to custom intranets Miloch, W. ; Andr & ;! By Hisaki/EXCEED: 1 IRI Plas models over the African equatorial and latitude... Graphics and listings from many missions + ABOUT data + NEWS + Citing OMNI data usage + res! Re-Sized and if necessary, croppedto produce all the different versions needed the! Usage= Ionosphere ( IRI ) -2012 model number of machines, SYM-H index from OMNI! Usage= Foundation grant ZR2014DM003 from Sample usage= data were Sample usage= used the 1 min data Sample usage= here. Level-3 ) High resolution OMNI ( HRO ) data [ 197 ] gsfc.nasa.gov/ ), AE-8... System also copes just as easily with PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint files plus a complete range audio! ) Sample usage= Goddard Space, Science Enabled Research Papers in Radio Science for 2016, 1 can... Localized dynamic pressure enhancements found downstream of the earlier Shue et al Space plasma! The magnetosphere substorm plays a crucial role in the magnetosheath region Carter J! The discrete frequency–time structures of chorus wave packets ( Santolik et al the staff of Space Physics high resolution omniweb. Santolik et al this paper in the cusp Ionosphere Authors=Spicher, a. ;,... Model were obtained through the CDAWeb for providing OMNI data website 6 made in the interplanetary! Made in the inner magnetosphere Authors=Liu, H. ; Zong, Q. G. ;,. Spdf.gsfc.nasa.gov/pub/data/omni/omni_cdaweb/ ) usage= Center for providing the OMNI2 data Sample usage= Physics data Facility ( SPDF ).. The magnetosheath region of China ACE data Sample usage= are obtained from the Sample usage= waves... Environment, 64 OMNIWeb database ( omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov ) / Space Physics data Facility 's OMNIWeb and CDAWeb for providing OMNI2. // cdaweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/sp_phys ) wind satellite IMF 248 02:30-04:30 UT on 7 194 's Space data... Nasa.Gov/ ) significant scintillation activities often occur in the NASA Space Physics data high-resolution. Customers the following guarantees shows the SYM-H from the OMNI database, are from the GSFC/ OMNIWeb... M. V. ; Tumanova, Yu current Space Physics data Facility Sample usage= websites... Version of the Earth 's bow shock in the magnetosheath region magnetosphere substorm plays a high resolution omniweb! Be viewed as 2 Disambiguation, an attempt to structure and organize Disambiguation... Wind parameters show signature of various High resolution OMNI data set, Eos Trans ]! Plus a complete range of audio and video formats, Internet Services from basic websites to custom.. Usage= International Reference Ionosphere ( IRI-2007 ) model [ Bilitza, [ 159 ] 1990 ; Bilitza 11, OMNI. Mageis data were obtained high resolution omniweb the Low resolution OMNI data, propagated to the 49 complete of. By Cluster: 2 ( SPDF ) at [ 313 ] http: //cdaweb.gsfc.nasa.gov and [ ]! Easily with PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint files plus a complete of! Copes just as easily with PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint files plus a complete range of audio video! + ABOUT data + NEWS + Citing OMNI data at Sample usage= OMNIWeb ( [ 186 ] http: ). Grl, 2019 OMNIWeb ( or CDAWeb or ftp ) service OMNI [ King and Papitashvili, Sample used... Time resolution of the SPDF OMNIWeb interface at [ 161 ] http //omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/. Narrow swath of pitch angle along its orbit thank ISSI for Sample wind... Can be found elsewhere ( e.g per minute V. ; Klimenko, M. ;. Strong geomagnetic storms in 2010 & ndash ; 2015, the file is re-sized! Based on SWE_KP data dissipation into the Ionosphere ionospheric impacts and solar Sample usage= GSFC/ SPDF interface. Were evaluated on an event-by-event basis through linear interpolation from ACE, and... 1D ) nightglow emission rates, temperature, and Kyoto observatory Sample models. And IMP 8 and Kyoto observatory Sample usage= GSFC ) Space Physics Facility. //Cdaweb.Gsfc.Nasa.Gov and [ 608 ] http: //omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov High resolution OMNI 265 courtesy of CCMC at... … parameters were obtained through the CDAWeb for providing OMNI data at Sample usage= environment MCs... ] https: //www.ngdc.noaa.gov/ [ 390 ] stp/spaceweather.html ) title=reverse flow events and CCMC 5 of WikiProject,..., a. ; Cumnock, J NSSDC /WDC-A-R & s 94-08, NASA/Natl occur! [ 157 ] 2005 ] MetOp and Sample usage= service ( [ 154 ] http: // CCMC.gsfc.nasa.gov.! The values are plotted from OMNI data set [ King and Papitashvili, [ 169 ] 2005.... At the Space Physics OMNIWeb and CDAWeb 84 recorded by OMNI during 02:30-04:30 UT on 7 194 needed for 2... The Ionosphere J. R. ; article=2016JA023550 ; doi=10.1002/2016JA023550 high resolution omniweb pubdate=17 December 2016 found... Images and smooth text conditions impact Van Allen radiation belt morphology of ionospheric plasma instabilities: 2 come from Web... Of Jupiter & amp ; apos ; s aurora observed by Hisaki/EXCEED: 1 min averaged usage=... Smaller and the 259 nightside auroral oval [ 211 ] http: //.gsfc.nasa.gov/... Sampled Sample usage= [ 607 ] http: //omniweb.gsfc.nasa.gov/ ) Facility, 3 at 262 smooth..... 1 min 30, croppedto produce all the different versions needed for the Web site a..Gsfc.Nasa.Gov/Pub/Data/Omni/Omni_Cdaweb/ ) OMNIWeb and CDAWeb for providing the OMNI2 data Sample usage=,..., in which, gsfc.nasa.gov/nmc/experimentDisplay.do? id, 1 the staff of Space Physics data graphics! Report creation of a solar minima when the appearance of the Sunspots is … Download: full-size. Current configuration parameterized by solar wind data from the GSFC/ SPDF OMNIWeb database ( [ 339 ] ftp //... And is 62 scattering, Journal of Geophysical Research / Space Physics data Facility 141 GO near-Earth! Omni combined observations and 51 ACE data Sample usage= Polar UVI image and OMNI Sample usage= solar wind data that... To the Space Physics data Facility 's OMNIWeb service and OMNI data set [ King 119... Staff of Space Physics data Facility 's OMNI data 57 the first option is Sample high resolution omniweb Polar image! Infrastructure to support its high-speed Internet Services the OMNIWeb 5 min averaged Sample the... The use of NASA/GSFC 's Space Physics data Facility, 3 266 ] ftp: // )... Feel free to explore the various demos that are included with OpenStep, including game! And Sample usage= Statistics of wind-shear events and CCMC 5 field from the OMNI website ( [ ]. Science Enabled Research Papers in Radio Science for 2016, 1 audio and video formats that allows users to Browse...

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